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Join us on the next Empower Hour as our special guest Peter Mcilvenna, Co-founder and Host of Hearts of Oak, joins Tanya Gaw to discuss the state of politics in Europe and the UK. The recent elections reflect a long overdue change in public opinion and there is a real sense of patriotism rising up! It is evidence that the ‘left’s’ pendulum has swung too far and their agenda is collapsing along with the Red/Green axis between Cultural Marxism and Islam, because the only thing they all have in common is a deep hatred for the West.

For twelve years Peter has worked for Lord Pearson of Rannoch (one of Margaret Thatcher’s last Lord appointees and former UKIP leader) in the House of Lords. He has also worked as a Senior Researcher in City Hall for the UKIP (Nigel Farage’s party) assembly members and as UKIP’s National Campaign Manager during the 2019 local and European elections. Prior to this Peter travelled across the UK for two years speaking at churches under the banner “Can We Talk About Islam?”. 

Peter started Hearts of Oak as a populist free speech alliance and has interviewed over 200 guests on 600 progammes. Peter is a regular guest on Steve Bannon’s WarRoom, Securing America with Frank Gaffney and Worldview Weekend Radio with Brannon House. For a list of places to find Hearts of Oak go to 

It is critically important that we follow what is going on in Europe and the UK as they are clear indicators of what Canada will be experiencing in the near future if we heed their warnings and respond accordingly. The greatest threat to our democracy and our economy, other than Trudeau facilitating a major wealth transfer, is ‘unsustainable’ mass migration which is meant to destabilize Canada in order to destroy our sovereignty. Opening the door to third world migrants is a well-planned, well-funded, orchestrated attack that includes violent actors and is intended to put Canadians at risk and create chaos.

The attack against Europe and the UK using unvetted mass migration is an act of war and like Canada they have a huge battle ahead of them. Trudeau is fast-tracking mass migration with the same goal in mind and he must be stopped. With the right government leadership taking extreme measures, we can be victorious! It is vital that Canada put an immediate Moratorium on Immigration, remove foreigners from office and deport and revoke citizenship of anyone who aligns with terrorist entities. Please sign and share the Petition to Stop Mass Immigration and Demand a Moratorium

Several weeks ago Peter Mcilvenna reached out to Tanya requesting that she provide an update on what is going on in Canada, for his viewers in Europe and the UK. They had a discussion on protecting faith, family and freedom, highlighting challenges in education, mass immigration and Traitor Trudeau’s stance on Israel. Tanya stressed the importance of mobilizing a pro-nationalist/populist movement and eliminating globalist influence in order to preserve Canadian values.

Emphasizing unity and upholding Christian-based culture, this podcast underscores the importance of challenging mainstream narratives for a secure future.

Foreign Interference and Nationalism Rising!

Maxime Bernier, Leader of the People’s Party of Canada, joined Tanya Gaw for a riveting conversation about foreign interference, the rising “far-right populist’ movements in Europe and the UK, and how by speaking out, we are transforming and changing the political conversation in Canada. Citizens in Western nations are fed up with being manipulated and controlled and this needs to be reflected at the polls.

The recent elections in Europe and the UK are evidence that the Globalist agenda is backfiring and instead of people marching to the Marxist drum and being in a ‘deep state’ of hypnosis, they have awakened! The so called ‘far-right’ are winning based on policies that support economic Nationalism, calls for De-Islamization, anti-immigration, opposing globalization, promoting patriotism and Western culture, firm support for Israel, and tough border controls.

How are these Populist/Nationalist parties winning? The leaders of these parties fought for years to rise to the top, and citizens finally refused to vote the party-line so instead decided to work hard to help the best candidates win. It took years of strategizing and incrementally winning seats to finally get these kinds of results. Canadians can learn something from the Europeans. Enjoy the interview and remember to use your voice and your vote to create positive change!

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