Media LIEability The Media Notice of Liability is ready to serve! Time to hold the propaganda arm of the tyrannical government to account! Media have an ethical standard to meet. When they violate that standard, there are consequences.

The Media LIEability Notice is ready to serve!

Print PDF:  Media Notice of Liability

The time has finally come. We are calling on all Canadians to take action!

It is time to hold the media to account! They have ethical journalistic standards to meet. When they are in violation of those standards there must be consequences.

The media need to be held personally liable for the deception and distortion of facts, that they have perpetrated on the public regarding the withholding of information and/or promotion of hate speech including but not limited to, the harms of masking, lockdowns, social distancing, PCR testing, the experimental injections (“vaccines”) as well as the targeted attacks against any dissenting voice, including medical professionals.

Under Section 319(1)(2) of the Criminal Code it is an offence to publicly incite or promote hatred against any identifiable group. This has a maximum penalty of imprisonment of not more than 2 years.


 How to Serve the Notice of Liability

  • Print two copies of the Notice of Liability (link in blue above)
  • Fill in the name of the person you are serving it to (one notice per person) in the space provided at the top of the first page.  
  • Sign your name and fill in the date in the space provided on the last page – on both copies.
  • Check the boxes that apply to the violations being committed and fill in the date and media source of the violation. Be sure to record the date and keep evidence of the violation  ie. newspaper articles, recording of radio or TV segments,  images of social media or billboard sign, etc.
  • Keep a photocopy of the Notice for your records
  • Give the second copy to the person you are serving it to. If they choose not to accept it, then leave it on the floor at their feet.
  • If you are serving the Notice in person, be sure to video record yourself serving it (or audio record if video is not possible).
  • If sending by mail, you must use registered mail as that provides proof of delivery.

Keep all information (eg. Liability Notice copy, video, mailing proof etc.) in a safe place for future use.

NOTE: You do not need a lawyer to serve a Notice of Liability and you do not need consent, or the signature of the person you are serving it to


Action4Canada accepts no responsibility or liability for any harms or losses that occur as result of delivering this notice. If you do not agree to these terms then please do not use this notice.