UPDATE June 13, 2021: In response to the Notice of Liability being delivered to teachers, principals, and school superintendents across the nation…Unions and other officials are advising their teachers NOT to give any vaccine advice to their students. This is the right response. 

However, Interior Health and a school superintendent in BC are attempting to minimize the legitimacy of the NOL and stating that the NOL is coming from an anti-vaccine organization, and that they are following provincial guidelines. This is not an acceptable excuse and will not exonerate them from liability should they continue to promote this experimental treatment. The fact is that they are simply parroting the “advice” of the PHO and WHO without any scrutiny, or recognizing the advice of Canadian and International experts who strongly disagree with the government’s narrative. 

To be clear…what is being administered is NOT a vaccine but a harmful and deadly experimental gene therapy so please continue to take action! 

Send to… School Board Trustees, District Superintendents, Ministers of Education, Principals, teachers, Mayors, etc.

There are four PDF’s to choose from. One for Parents who currently have a child/children in the education system; one for Concerned Citizens with no child/children in the system, but who are equally interested in stopping the experimentation of our children; one for Post Secondary Students; and one for Elected Officials involved in children’s care.

See Instructions below for Service of NOL, to protect our children from this harmful and deadly injection. 

NOTE: there is no expiration date on these NOL’s and they apply and are in full force and effect throughout the entire 2021/2022 school season and beyond. 

We MUST protect our kids. Therefore, we urge you to send this Notice of Liability individually to every individual involved in your child’s education:

Instructions for Sending the Notice of Liability

Only one (not three) Notice of Liability needs to be served:

  • Print two copies of the Notice of Liability 
  • Fill in both copies with the name of the person you are sending it to (one notice per person) and sign each copy
  • Keep one copy of the Notice for your records
  • Record the event when serving the notice of liability in person
  • If sending by mail, you must send using registered mail

Note: It is important to keep a record of all information (eg. documents, videos, dates, times, etc.)

Please take further action by sending the NOL to the Teacher’s Unions and Ministers of Education.

Contact Info:

Teacher Union Presidents
Prov/Territorial Ministers of Education

The Canadian government is coming after your child and they say that parental permission is not required.

School officials, staff and volunteers, are not medical professionals and, therefore, they are unlawfully practicing medicine by prescribing, recommending, and using coercion to insist that students take this experimental medical treatment.

Students are at nearly zero % risk of contracting or transmitting this respiratory illness and are instead buffers which help others build their immune system. The overall survival rate is 99.997%.

There are a rising number of reports wherein healthy youth in the USA were given the COVID shot, and died: Doctor’s testimony

Researchers stopped the covid-19 “vaccine” testing on animals because they were dying, then proceeded to release it onto the global populace for continued trials. The only reason these shots are available is under the cover of the Emergency Measures, otherwise they would have never been authorized. The entire population, including children, have, unknowingly, become test subjects. This has resulted in extremely harmful reactions, including death. Read HERE

Action4Canada accepts no responsibility or liability for any harms or losses that occur as result of delivering this notice to anyone. If you do not agree to these terms then please do not use this notice. We do not make any representations or warranties about the potential consequences of delivering this Notice of Liability (eg. removal of child from a private school).

Disclaimer:  This information is not intended to be used as legal or health advise. We encourage you to do your own research.