Call to Action

It is important that we have conversations that make pharmacists question the safe and effective narrative. If we say and do nothing, nothing changes.

1. Engage
Politely ask a pharmacist if they are still offering and recommending the COVID-19 shots.

2. Ask questions
Questions are less confrontational than statements.
Some examples:

  • Do you have information on the ingredients in the covid injections or on the clinical trials? Have you seen the Freedom of Information for the Pfizer trial results? In particular are you aware that Pfizer recorded over 13 pages of adverse events during the trial?
  • Knowing this do you feel that you can provide informed consent with the limited information available?
  • Are you aware that the latest CDC data shows that there is a 1 in 800 chance of serious adverse reaction from the mRNA injections n. (It may be appropriate to share about someone you know who had a serious adverse reaction)
  • Do you know that the mRNA injections are associated with low fertility, miscarriages, myocarditis, and sudden deaths?
  • How do you feel about your role in this medical trial?

3. Plan a wrap-up statement
For example: “It is well documented that the experimental injections are causing harm and death. If you continue to administer the shots you can be held personally, civilly and/or criminally liable.”

4. Serve the NOL
“This is a Notice of Liability. Should you choose to not desist, this NOL may be used as evidence against you in future actions. You have been warned.” Hand it to them or leave it at their feet.

Tips for Success:

  • Be polite and respectful.
  • Review the videos of people serving NOLs on the A4C website.
  • Rehearse with someone beforehand.
  • Fill in the name of the pharmacist and the location on page 1.
  • Sign and date the last page of the NOL before your meeting.
  • Be sure to video/record this interaction.

Click here to print the NOL, and for instructions on how to serve it.

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