Business Resources 2030 Agenda Campaign

Reaching out to small businesses and educating and equipping citizens

The Canadian government is working with the World Economic Forum and the United Nations to create a global government. They are using the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) to implement their agenda. Part of the plan is to destroy small and medium size businesses in favour of large corporations. While small/medium businesses were intimidated into closing during so-called Covid-19, resulting in hundreds of thousands to close permanently, big-box chain stores stayed open. Why? Big-box chain stores are more easily controlled by the government than thousands of independent small businesses and in turn this gives the government greater control over its citizens daily transactions and is a massive step toward implementing a Social Credit System (SCS) through the use of Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) and Environmental Social Governance (ESGs).

Warning to Business Owners
Do NOT Sign up for ESG, DEI, CEI or CBDC!

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In response, Action4Canada is launching a campaign to educate and support business owners as they navigate their way through these very challenging times.

Business Campaign Resource Package (UPS and Staples provide high quality printing)

We are also appealing to citizens to print these resources and deliver them to as many local businesses as possible.

Small and medium sized businesses are the backbone of our economy!

No Trespass Notice: Print and display at your entrance to your property and entry to building.

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Business Postcard

Business Poster