Is Calgary Intentionally Misleading the Public?

Rally Notice & Follow Up Action
May 22, 2020

~ To protect our inalienable, God-given, Rights & Freedoms ~

Dear Friends, 

Concerned Canadians continue to peacefully rally in cities across the nation.

The numbers are growing due to the draconian overreach of the government and their totalitarian policies and abuse of power. 

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.
Martin Luther King Jr.

Action4Canada is working to give the silent majority a voice, and to train up an army of Canadians to become actively involved in the process of protecting our rights and freedoms.

In the past few months, we have launched campaigns to address the threat of the; Foreign Central Banksters, attack on parental rights,  over taxation,  mandated vaccines, the gun ban and much more.

We continue to encourage you not to give up or let up.

We can only accomplish what we set out to do as a united force.

Many new Rallies have been added…from Coast to Coast

Please consider participating in a community near you.

There is strength in numbers!

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A little further business before signing off… 

Calgary Conversion Therapy Update and further action requested.

UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who is participating in the Calgary conversion therapy ban writing campaign (Call to Action). The City of Calgary is being overwhelmed with e-mails but, unfortunately, Councillors are making false, and misleading, statements in response.  If you receive such a reply, we request you further challenge them on the misinformation campaign by signing and sending the letter below the red line to Mayor Nenshi and City Council.

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Thank you and God Bless Canada!

Tanya Gaw
Valerie Price
Mac Rogerson


Dear Mayor Nenshi and City Council,

In response to the feedback from City Council, I am disappointed to witness the campaign of misinformation used to support the proposed conversion therapy ban disguised as a “Prohibited Businesses By-law.” Following are a couple of replies from Councillors who either do not fully understand the consequences of the By-law or are intentionally deceiving the public. 

For example, Councillor Farkas’ claims that the conversion therapy ban (Prohibited Businesses Bylaw), “will not apply to those who provide support to persons questioning their sexual orientation, sexual feelings or gender identity (such as teachers, school counsellors, pastoral counsellors, faith leaders, doctors, mental health professionals, friends or family members). It does not prevent or restrict religious thoughts or beliefs, nor does it seek to prevent the right to worship.” Councillor Sutherland states that “the by-law will not impede freedom of speech” and goes on further to say that “the creation of a conversion therapy law falls under Federal Government jurisdiction and if passed by Parliament, will supersede any municipal bylaw.” 

However, the City’s definition of “conversion therapy” is as follows;

  •  “a practice, treatment, or service designed to change, repress, or discourage a person’s sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression, or to repress or reduce non-heterosexual attraction or sexual behaviour.” 

Therefore, a couple of questions need to be asked—and answered—by the City before voting on this by-law, as the City is also mandating that all interaction must be “non-judgmental.” It is quite an oxymoron to tell people they are free to do as they please as long as they do what you please. Choice in therapy ceases to exist when the government determines that the patient’s choice must fit with one specific ideology. This resembles fascism and no longer a democracy.

On to the questions:

1) How can a secular authority determine what is “judgmental” in relation to religious belief, doctrine, theology, and personal convictions? In other words, if a Muslim counsellor is treating a patient with same-sex attraction within the Islamic religion and provides counsel upholding the teachings of the Quran, will this be considered judgmental? If a pastor preaches from the Bible and quotes Scripture teaching that homosexuality is a sin, will this be considered judgmental? If so, is the City going to ban the Quran and the Bible next?

2) Will the Muslim counsellor and/or the Christian pastor also be fined the $10,000 penalty and face possible imprisonment?  

3) If the conversion therapy ban is federal, why is the city attempting to usurp a matter that falls under federal jurisdiction? 

This by-law is a deception masked in deceptive language in a militant effort to attack the church. The City of Calgary’s senior lawyer confirmed this when he stated that the City “can catch church organizations within a bylaw that would be crafted for business activities…”

Once again, I stress, that should the Mayor of Calgary and City Council vote in favour of this by-law and disregard both the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and international agreements regarding human rights, Calgarians will reflect their displeasure in the next civic election. 

In closing, I urge you to think twice before voting against the basic human rights of confused, vulnerable, and hurting Calgarians, and those who would provide the specific help they seek. Rather, please protect these vulnerable people—many of them children—from those who would restrict their choices in order to further a political agenda. Please stand strong on behalf of the people who need you to protect their rights and freedoms. 

Yours truly,