New Brunswick to Mandate Vaccines for
Children & Deny Public Education

May 12, 2020

Call to Action!

Dear Friends,

The New Brunswick legislature is about to vote on Bill 11, an Act Respecting Proof of Immunization, which “mandates” vaccines for school age children. No vaccine, no access to daycares or public schools. The bill was drafted by the Minister of Education, Dominic Cardy, and will strip parents of their right to resist vaccinations on “religious, conscientious, or purely personal grounds”.  Cardy crafted the bill with the intent to prohibit legal action which parents have already promised to launch.  Read Here

We need your help.  There is growing evidence of the harms and risks of vaccines and their direct association to the increase in autism, disabling and chronic illnesses, and even death.  Parents of vaccine injured children are on the rise and their testimonies can no longer be ignored.  Please watch this video and review the charts below.  View Here

Please sign the letter below (or write your own), copy & paste to your email & send to Premier Higgs, and the MLAs, requesting they reject Bill 11.  Email list – Click Here

Justin Trudeau is actively working to mandate a fast-tracked Covid vaccine.  The passage of Bill 11 will set a precedent not only for the PM, but for other “progressive” provinces to do the same.  After viewing the video, and the charts, you may find your position on vaccines changes dramatically.  I know mine did.

Thank you and God bless Canada.

Tanya Gaw

Dear Premier Higgs and Members of the Legislative Assembly,

It has come to my attention that the government will be voting on Bill 11 which mandates vaccines for children and simultaneously strips parents of their constitutional and God given right to raise their children as they see fit and will deny children access to daycares and public schools.

There is growing evidence of the harms/risks of vaccines and their direct association to the increase in autism, disabling and chronic illnesses, and even death.

Parents of vaccine injured children are on the rise and their testimonies can no longer be ignored.  Please watch this video and review the following charts.  View Here

  • Chart – Increase in vaccine doses.  In 1950 children were given 5 vaccines in 14 doses and in 2020 a total of up to 72 doses of 20 different vaccines are given to Canadian children.
  • Chart  – Vaccine doses birth to age 18, per province
  • Chart  – Neurotoxin load (Aluminium and Mercury) affecting brain development

The following Chart shows how vaccine manufacturers, with the help of the media, cause hysteria in order to push an agenda which is not based on facts or science.  The death rate associated to measles is nearly nil, yet the harms associated to the measles vaccine pose a significant threat.  A measles vaccine was introduced in 1969 after deaths associated with measles were already brought well under control. The decline in rates of death were “attributed to improved sanitation (homes with running water, indoor plumbing and clean drinking water) and a higher standard of living leading to better nutrition and medical care”.

Historical records show that disease mortality declined nearly 90% before the introduction of routine vaccination programs.  Vaccine doses increased dramatically when vaccine manufacturers were given “legal immunity”.  Vaccine investors and promoters, such as Bill Gates and the World Health Organization, have much to gain through mandated vaccines.  It will no longer be a billion-dollar business but well into the trillions.  Always follow the money.

Therefore, instead of pushing for mandated vaccines, the government should support independent studies, and investigate further the obvious harms of vaccines.  After all, the objective is healthier children with lower rates of autism, debilitating illnesses, and lower rates of infant death.  Right?

Legislators must ethically, morally, and legally uphold the principles of informed consent and freedom to choose any medical treatment.

Bill 11 is an aggressive, totalitarian, overreach on the part of the government and in violation of fundamental freedoms provided for in Section 2, 7, 12, & 15 of the Charter as well as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 24 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights as well as a physician’s ethical commitment promising to “First, do no harm”.   The most egregious section of Bill 11 is the threat to invoke Section 33 of the Charter, the not withstanding clause, which is an abuse of its intent and being used to bully Bill 11 into law.

Not only will legal action commence in response to Bill 11 costing the province of New Brunswick funds they can ill-afford, but the decision will be sure to impact votes come the next election.

Therefore, I request you reject Bill 11 and in so doing respect and uphold the Canadian Constitution and the Charter rights and freedoms of the individual.

Yours Truly,


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