Warning: Foreign Central Banks & Bail-Ins Threaten Canadians Savings. 

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March 29, 2020


Dear Friends,

Thank you!! to everyone who participated in the Call To Action addressing the Emergency Spending Act and Bail In Regime. The reason this follow up response has been delayed is due to the research required to produce the next letter writing campaign.  Your further assistance is required.  

Hundreds of Action4Canada members responded in sending the March 24th letter to their MP. Many took the time to send it to the complete list of MP’s and some even included the Senators!

Because of this MP’s reported a significant increase in correspondence. Erin O’Toole also quoted from Action4Canada’s Coronavirus Special Report in a recent e-mail (March 26, 2020) stating he was, “appalled to learn last night that the Trudeau government sent 16 tonnes of protective equipment to China last month”. We are having an impact and we are being heard!

The Liberals underhanded attempt to use the Covid crisis as an opportunity to take control of government spending was denied!  We firmly believe the public backlash contributed significantly to their failure.  Well done!

Justin Trudeau and the Liberals proved, once again, they cannot be trusted.  With this in mind our work is not finished as the Liberal’s exploitation of the pandemic, for their own personal gain, highlighted the significant threat Canadians are facing due to rising debt, the bank Bail-In Regime and the corruption of the Private Central “Banksters” who control Canada’s banks.  Therefore, we must continue to call on “all” MP’s and request these matters be addressed forthwith.

The government and financial Institutions are advising Canadians the bank Bail-In adopted in 2018 will not affect depositors but I encourage you to read the letter below to the PM and watch the videos to learn more.

This is not meant to strike fear in your hearts but rather to inform you so that you can educate others and together we can confront the corruption in government and protect our assets.  Knowledge is power so please, share it.

Sign the pre-written letter below (or write your own) and send to the Prime Minister (PM@pm.gc.ca;) and CC: your own MP (to find your MP’s e-mail address simply click Here and key in your postal code) Please BCC: callto@action4canada.com;

Once again I also request that if you know how to send group emails than please send to every MP on this contact list
And since we’re at it let’s include a list of media! https://action4canada.com/media-list/

**For those of you who are new to the Call To Action campaigns, and are unfamiliar with copying and pasting please refer to this link for help. Click Here

We are working on an automated system but in the meantime we are attempting to make it as easy as possible by requesting you simply sign the letter provided (or write your own), copy it and create a new e-mail and then send to the list of emails provided.

Special Announcement…over 5600 new people joined Action4Canada this week! The success of our campaigns relies on large numbers of Canadians taking action. We can no longer afford to be the “silent” majority. So please continue to spread the word and invite people to join. (Click here) Keep up the great work. Momentum is building!

Thank you and God Bless Canada!

Tanya Gaw, Founder
Mac Roberson, Co-founder

Disclaimer:  Action4Canada are not experts in the field of global finance. Moreover, we work to provide as much fact checked research currently available at the time of writing this letter.  Please, do your own research and follow experts like Mike Maloney (7 secrets of money) and author. Peter Schiff long time qualified Financial Expert. James Dines long time financial expert, author and the “Original Gold Bug.” G.Edward Griffin financial expert and the first to out the creation of the US Federal Reserve financial expert and author.

Dear Prime Minister Trudeau,

I am pleased to hear the Liberal’s shameful power grab was thwarted.  Your unprecedented attempt to receive a blank cheque at the cost of taxpayers, evoked questions into ongoing concerns over the Liberal’s attack on Canadian property via the Bank Bail-In Regulation adopted April 18, 2018 and the Foreign Central Banks power and control over Canadian assets.

The banking crisis in Cyprus in 2013 (Read Here) concerned and shocked citizens around the world.  In response, the foreign Central Banks developed a Bank Bail-In as a model to manage the failure of any major bank.  The bank Bail-In essentially legalized the theft of private property as it permits banks to take depositors cash and safety deposits to recoup their losses.  Creditors and share holders also take a hit on their investment assets.  (Crony Scam)

The Canadian government suggests the purpose of the Bail-In regime is to “preserve financial stability while protecting the interests of taxpayers”.  It all looks good on paper, carefully worded, but not at all reliable.  In fact, due to the crafty language used throughout the Bail-In regulations, the last thing anyone should feel is at ease.

For instance, why is the Canadian government obligating Canadians to be in line with ‘International Standards’.  The Bail-In regulation further refers to a “Global financial reform agenda”.  Canada, Constitutionally, is a Sovereign self-governing Nation and is only financially responsible to itself.  Not to an International body.

Also, if the government and the Bank of Canada are guaranteeing that deposits are secure than why is the term “reduce” used in the language? “Reduce” the impact on taxpayers?  I thought the government committed to protect the interest of taxpayers?  This is an oxymoron and nullifies the government’s commitment.

“In line with international standards, Canada has put into place measures to reduce the likelihood of failure for these banks and measures to reduce the potential impact of any failure on taxpayers”.

Further, how can the government guarantee coverage by the CDIC (Canada Deposit Insurance Corp) should a major bank(s) become insolvent when the individual insurance settlement has a payout limit and insufficient funds in its reserve?  The rhetoric that bank Bail-Ins will not affect depositors, and the further use of the term “reduce”, is deceptive language intended to gas light Canadians.

April 2018, News Release Bail-Ins – “The regulations identify which types of debt instruments will be subject to the regime. The bail-in regulations do not apply to deposits—including chequing accounts, savings accounts and term deposits such as Guaranteed Investment Certificates—which will continue to benefit from the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation deposit insurance framework”.

The Government states the bank Bail-In was developed “in the unlikely event of a bank failure and that the losses will be borne by shareholders and creditors of the failed systemically important bank, rather than taxpayers”.  However, the investments of shareholders include pensions, municipalities, and institutions.  Therefore, personal loss for many Canadians (of savings and investment property), regardless of the governments wording, will be inevitable.  “If a bank goes bankrupt a Bail-In means that Canadians, as depositors, in the bank are bailed into their bankruptcy, bailed into their debt and as a common depositor are a simple creditor under the Canadian bankruptcy laws.  Meanwhile, private bankers in a foreign country are determining our banking policies and are holding us hostage to their private profit needs”.
This 4 minute video will explain further.  View Here
To learn more the following 12 min video from the American Banking Institution covers it in greater depth.  View Here

Canada does not have a resource available to analyze precisely all the intricate details of our rising debt, but the United States does.  Their ” Debt Clock” is a great visual to understand the devastating impact of a Foreign Central bank and monetary policy and the economically destructive interest on that debt which is paid to privately owned foreign central banks.

Due to the Liberal’s deliberate out of control spending in the past four years Canadians are in an extremely vulnerable position and will very likely find themselves in the same position as Cyprus if immediate action is not taken. The current National Debt is the highest in Canadian history.  There is no money left to spend and yet this reality isn’t even enough to stop the Liberals from continuing to give it away.  The recent foreign aide sent to Greece, a developed country and part of a $20 TRILLION a year economy, and support for China, was perplexing (Reminder: China has two Canadian men held captive for over a year).  Funding the oil and gas sector in Africa while destroying the oil and gas sector in Canada is also a massive blow to Canada’s economy and as a result Canadian’s confidence in the decision making of the Liberal government is all but gone.

You sir have driven Canadians over a financial precipice.  The Bank of Canada’s alarming announcement March 23, 2020, given authority to buy and sell securities, is proof.  The ” Bank economists now expect the Canadian economy to shrink between 10% and 24% on an annualized basis, a recession deeper than the worst of the 2008-09 financial crisis”.  “Price-discovery has collapsed on the back of these stresses, so it is crucial for the Bank to respond in-kind with a program that targets both public and private sector assets.”

The Bank of Canada Act, which defines the Bank’s functions, has been amended many times since 1934. But the preamble to the Act has not changed. The Bank still exists “to regulate credit and currency in the best interests of the economic life of the nation.

Please note…it does not say, in the best interest of the life of  “International” economic interests but “Canadian’s” interest.

The Bank of Canada was nationalized in 1938 and the government could borrow money with little or no interest. And it worked. The Canadian government built freeways, public transportation systems, subway lines, airports, the St. Lawrence Seaway and funded a national health care system and the Canada Pension Plan.  But in 1974, Pierre Elliot Trudeau, under the influence of the “International” financial group called Basel’s Committee’s Recommendations (The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision) made the decision to halt the borrowing of money from the Bank of Canada, and instead, chose to borrow from the private banks who instead of lending to the government at no interest, or low interest, introduced higher interest rates along with compound interest.  The government turned its business over to the privately run banks who charged compound interest and from that point on our National debt began to grow.  Due to the cost associated with compound interest Canadians ended up with compound debt, federal debt, and personal debt. Today, for every dollar a Canadian makes, they owe a $1.77 in debt.  As no surprise, it is the highest debt-to-income ratio on record.

As Mackenzie King famously said: “Once a nation parts with the control of their currency and credit, it matters not who makes that nation’s laws. Usury, once in control, will wreck any nation. Until the control of the issue of currency and credit is restored to government and recognized as its most sacred responsibility, all talk of sovereignty of parliament and of democracy is idle and futile.”

Giving more power and control to global governments and the global Foreign Central Bank system is the problem and not the solution .  Canada is being sold right out from under us due to the rapidly increasing debt paid to these foreign private banksters.  Eventually, we will not be able to repay the debt and will be forced to hand over our property rights and all of our assets.  I believe this is by design and not by chance and the corruption within our Federal government extends party lines.  The Greens, NDP, Bloc Quebecois and even some within the Conservative (Harper) party have contributed to the development and empowering of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

Therefore, I request the government take immediate action to remove the Bank Of Canada from the fractional reserve central banking systems that is owned by privately owned international central banks.  Restore the Bank of Canada to the credit/loans from the Bank of Canada to Canada for Canadians at low or little interest to municipalities and provinces in Canada, revoke the Bail-In Regulation, balance the budget by spending within our means and stop funding the UN and foreign aide initiatives.  Bring manufacturing jobs back to Canada and get the oil and gas sector up and running.

This will be a central focus in the next election and every MP is now on notice.  If you continue to support the sale of Canada and Wealth Transfer Scheme (Agenda 2030 SDG) instead of protecting the interests of Canadians and our sovereignty, then I anticipate you will suffer the consequences in the polls come the next election.

Yours Sincerely,



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