Gun Ban

Liberal Agenda to Disarm Canadians and Create a Police State?

April 30, 2020

Dear Friends,

Urgent Call To Action

Action4Canada is once again calling on Canadians to write their MP and oppose the gun ban legislation Trudeau is planning on passing as early as this week.  Immediately following the Nova Scotia mass shooting Justin Trudeau shamelessly began exploiting this tragedy for his own political gain.

Important fact:  “The gunman, who was not licensed to possess firearms, used guns illegally obtained in Canada and from U.S. sources”. 

“Minister of Public Safety Bill Blair submitted a recommendation to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to prohibit 11 types of rifles”.

The new gun prohibition is an attack against hunters, farmers and sport shooters.  The Gun Ban is intended to disarm Canadians and has nothing to do with making Canada safer.  Legal, law abiding, gun owners are not the problem.  Criminals are and the further gun restrictions will do nothing to address gun crime associated with illegal guns or guns being smuggled in from the United States.  A petition gained the most signatures in Canadian History and yet the liberals continue to ignore the voice of the people.  

This disarmament initiative is coming from the UN.  An anti-Canadian, unelected, governing body with a Globalist agenda.  Read Here 

Write to Prime Minister Trudeau, your MP, Bill Blair and request they reject this legislation.

Please sign the letter below, or… better yet…write your own, and e-mail;

Thank you and God Bless Canada!

Tanya Gaw

Dear Prime Minister Trudeau, 

It has come to my attention the liberals are planning to implement further gun restrictions. 

Immediately following the Nova Scotia incident you have shamelessly exploited the tragedy to push a personal, political agenda.  

  • The gunman, who was not licensed to possess firearms, used guns illegally obtained in Canada and from U.S. sources”

Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders confirmed that guns used in crimes are mostly traced back to the US. Read Here

So why is the government pursuing an agenda to order mass gun prohibitions and confiscations against federally licensed firearm owners rather than target the illegal market and criminals? 

Many Canadians are growing suspicious of your persistent attack against legalized gun owners.  It has become evident that since the government is not basing their decision on statistical and factual information that there is an ulterior motive for the government overreach in removing law abiding citizen’s guns.

The question is why?  Why are the liberals pushing this agenda when the evidence is strongly against it and even law enforcement are reporting that a gun ban will not have an impact on illegal firearms crime? 

It is well reported that as Prime Minister you are anxious to gain a seat on the UN Security Council and it is further reported that you are willing to do anything to achieve this.  The UN is very interested in moving forward with implementing policies to control its member States and therefore it is no coincidence that the UN has developed a disarmament agenda.

  • Reducing the existing civilian stockpile. Disarming civilian populations is more difficult than disarming governments. Nevertheless it is arguably more necessary…

Canadians are growing increasingly concerned over your loyalties to foreign powers and the direction the UN wants to take Canada rather than what Canadians want for Canada.

The statement by the Winnipeg Police spokesperson is consistent with the evidence that is provided in opposition to the gun ban from professionals who specialize in the statistics and findings on gun control and gun crime.  Ranging from law enforcement to University professors, they are all in agreement that the liberals legislation will ‘not’ change the threat level one iota“.

Therefore, I am writing to oppose the unjustified action against legal firearms owners and request you immediately rescind the proposed firearms ban.

Yours Sincerely,