SOGI 123/CSE Series:

“Safe and Inclusive” for Whom!?

Action4Canada’s has created the following series to expose the LGBTQ sex activist’s agenda to sexualize and groom children via the education system, exposing their hypocrisy and bringing into question their mantra that theSexual Orientation and Gender Identity 123/ Comprehensive Sexuality Education (SOGI 123/CSE) program is about “creating safe and inclusive” schools. 

The reality is that this program is a Trojan horse, brought into the schools under the guise of anti-bullying and supposedly to teach children to be “inclusive” and support LGBTQ2+ students. However, the SOGI 123 resource goes way beyond this and in fact indoctrinates children into unhealthy sexual behaviour and confuses them through lies and misinformation. It is only inclusive for LGBTQ2+ students and those who are agreeable with their twisted ideologies. Anyone that opposes or questions their deviant agenda is viciously attacked and persecuted. 

SOGI 123/CSE must be completely removed from the education system!

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Is SOGI 123/CSE “Safe and Inclusive” for Sarah who was indoctrinated in the school system which led to a very painful transition and then de-transitioning? Read More.


Is SOGI 123/CSE “Safe and Inclusive” for the young man who is being charged with a hate crime because he stood up to a gay student who was sexually harassing female students? Read More.

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