Call To Action Training, Tips and Email lists of Senators, MP’s and Media.


Instructions when sending Call To Action letters:

Copy and paste pre-scripted letters or write a letter of your own.

Be polite in your communication.

***Be sure not to send the instruction portion of the Call To Action to requested recipients….sign and send only the letter 

Learn how to copy and paste content;

Copy and paste on your phone…

Computer keyboard tips…Cut, Copy, Paste and Undo.

**The same applies whether you are copying text into a document or copying and pasting a group e-mail list into your in-box.

MP lists by party.

Complete List of MP’s by Province

To find ‘your’ MP’s contact info…simply click Here and key in your postal code.

***Sending mass e-mails:  MPs are listed in groups of 30 (or less) to assist you in keeping track of how many you are sending at once as email providers have varying limits on how many e-mail addresses you are permitted to send at a time.  G-mail allows up to 500 emails at once, while Shaw permits 100 at a time.  Check with your email provider so that you know your limits and mail within it.

Complete list of Senators broken down by Province

Media List: