Testimonies of Successful NOL Campaigns, Individual and Collective

Action4Canada’s Notices of Liability Work!

Here are some success stories from Ontario

Action4Canada is receiving many success stories of serving the Notices of Liability both individually, and collectively through campaigns. If you have a personal success stories please email: [email protected] and specify “Testimony” in the subject line.

Every Act, Statute, Order and By-law MUST be consistent with the Constitution or it is of NO force or effect. Every citizen, no matter their position, must adhere to the highest law of the land.

March 2022 - DDSB Masking Mandate
  • Ontario Principal Council and the Elementary Teachers Federation Union took it upon themselves to override the Ontario Government and keep children in Masks!
  • Emergency meeting held March 10 at 6pm with board trustees to vote on whether to keep the students in masks!
  • I did a CALL TO ACTION to all Action4Canada members who meet every Saturday in Whitby to email the Durham School Board Trustees and call everyone of them to pressure them to oppose this continuation of Masking students!
  • There was a Call to Action also to meet at the DDSB at 5pm with signs etc. to protest this draconian illegal policy that they were going to vote on. There were police officers there who told us we could not be on the property but we could peacefully protest on the sidewalk outside the DDSB Head office.
  • Lisa Robinson, Pickering, Ontario Chapter Leader and paralegal sent a letter to each trustee outlining that there is NO EVIDENCE that proves masks prevented respiratory influenza like illness transmitted and droplets and/or aerosol.. She also asked on what LEGAL AUTHORITY they were relying on, to impose such abusive measures towards the children.
  • The trustees were warned by Lisa, chapter leader of Pickering and myself that if they did not cease and desist their Mask Mandate once and full all, that they were going to held personally liable and could face criminal charges.
  • The Trustees were overwhelmed by emails and calls from our members, they voted 6-3 to totally abolish their masking mandate.
  • I first starting sending NOL’s back in November of 2021 to each Trustee and kept up with phone calls and drop the mike letters and Calls to action by our members to pressure constantly the school board trustee!
  • We celebrated our huge VICTORY at 7:30pm March 10th. We went to a local restaurant and were listening to the meeting online. When the vote came in we cheered so loud that the whole restaurant heard us and we shared it with everyone there. The people all cheered an the children that were there had huge huge smiles on their faces and that was the most amazing moment you could ever ask for.
  • I received a huge amount of thank you to my email all day today for all the efforts and for Action4canada helping with all the resources to members to have our voices heard!
Feb 2022 - School and Bus Success

I wrote a brief email along with my forms and sent it to the head of the school board and about 6 trustee’s at the school board and my sons Principal. My son is also bused and we had a big fight with the school bus company, after 3 weeks of my son riding the school bus the driver decided to give my son a mask to wear. I wrote another email to the principal and I called the school bus company and I explained that the bus driver had no right to give my son a mask as it is a medical device and I asked for the school bus drivers medical designation and said that they will be hearing from my lawyer. Not a word back from anyone!!
I received confirmation that my emails were received. We have not had an issue since. However the teacher treats him differently as she needs to protect all the other children in her class, so he cannot turn around in his seat and had to remain very still in the classroom. I sent the teacher a note saying I would not stand for this (however not so nicely put) and no issue’s since. Children in his class have had covid and my son has never contracted the virus. We do not use had sanitizer or fill out attestation letters either. I explained that I am not sharing any medical information with the school board it is nobody’s business except my son’s.

Jan 2022 – Board of Directors rescind the mandate

I have been pushed from the onset of this pandemic and given notice that my workplace was going to mandate the vaccinations. Back in July I let my employer know that I was not participating in this due to both a religious objections. They left me alone until mid September and I was getting weekly emails (which I have printed off copies of) letting me know that most of our staff are vaxxed and that the Board of Directors were reviewing the policy and if approved it would be issued the following day. The mandate came out, and I had both the ED and my direct supervisor come into my office and let me know they didn’t want to lose me as I was a valued employee, but there would be no exceptions. I let her know again that I would not participate now or in the future. I let her know that I have enjoyed working for CL St. Marys but if she insisted on making this a mandate, I would move forward with a lawsuit naming her specifically and she alone would carry the responsibility for this action. The very next day I received an email letting me know that the Board of Directors was rescinding the mandate as they missed the step of having their lawyers review the policy. That was early October. I have enquired twice with my direct supervisor whether the agency was going to move forward with this, and she said she has not heard anything else. For now they will use the PCR screening. There is still subtle pushes to get the jab, and the stress can be overwhelming, but I stand my ground.

After listening to you this evening Tanya, I have decided to take the plunge and rescind my agreement to submit to these PCR screenings and wearing the masks; we are so passionate about this and want to be part of the solution. With a bit of fear we have decided to move forward with opening a chapter here in Stratford Ontario and will contact your team to get this started. Thank you team A4C YOU ROCK!!!

October 19, 2021 – Thank You!

I can’t begin to thank you enough for all the amazing work you are doing with Action4Canada to save our country from tyranny. Your dedication to this is literally heroic you are literally saving lives thanks so much you are truly a blessing.

November 2021 - School Success

Our son is grade 1 and we served our son’s principal the notice of liability. He asked if it was a doctor’s notice and I said no its a notice of liability. He opened it, started reading it and then walked away saying “oh this garbage”. But a few hours later he called and said “if you guys don’t want your son to wear mask and if you aren’t going to follow protocols then that’s up to you guys”, then I said also no sanitization etc and he said “this was ok – we want him in school”.