Testimonies of Successful NOL Campaigns, Individual and Collective

Action4Canada’s Notices of Liability Work!

Here are some success stories from Ontario

Action4Canada is receiving many success stories of serving the Notices of Liability both individually, and collectively through campaigns. If you have a personal success stories please email: [email protected] and specify “Testimony” in the subject line.

Every Act, Statute, Order and By-law MUST be consistent with the Constitution or it is of NO force or effect. Every citizen, no matter their position, must adhere to the highest law of the land.

October 19, 2021 – Thank You!

I can’t begin to thank you enough for all the amazing work you are doing with Action4Canada to save our country from tyranny. Your dedication to this is literally heroic you are literally saving lives thanks so much you are truly a blessing.

November 2021 - School Success

Our son is grade 1 and we served our son’s principal the notice of liability. He asked if it was a doctor’s notice and I said no its a notice of liability. He opened it, started reading it and then walked away saying “oh this garbage”. But a few hours later he called and said “if you guys don’t want your son to wear mask and if you aren’t going to follow protocols then that’s up to you guys”, then I said also no sanitization etc and he said “this was ok – we want him in school”.