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October 19, 2021 – Trucking Business Serves Client

Trucking Business: We received a letter from one of our customers saying as a part of their commitment to health and safety of their employees and communities in which they operate they are currently exploring the mandating of proof of Covid 19 vaccines for all employees, contractors, suppliers and supply chain partners upon entering their facility. They said these are unprecedented times and in wake of the highly contagious Delta variant, they believe this is a prudent step that their organization must take in order to keep all their employees, contractors, supply chain partners safe and mitigate risk to their business. I responded by telling them that this is a breech of privacy especially that this isn’t even mandated by the Alberta government. I indicated that this would be a dangerous path to go down and would cause them more harm then good. I’m sure that they would lose a lot of employees and suppliers especially with a shortage of good people, it would have a very negative impact. There is already a shortage of truck drivers, any disruption to this would cause huge delays in shipping their products to market. There are loads on the load board that sit on there for up to 3-4 weeks already without any disruptions so you can imagine if everyone requires a vax pass. There are many truck drivers that are against the vaccine mandate. This type of mandate would bring this economy to it’s knees as everything we touch has been hauled by a truck. I think many people forget how important the transport industry is. I sent this business a notice of liability and so far they have accepted us coming in to pickup their freight without a vax pass. Hopefully they understand the risk they are taking if they mandate this for their company. Thanks again for all the work you do, it’s really appreciated.