Testimonies of Successful NOL Campaigns, Individual and Collective

Action4Canada’s Notices of Liability Work!

Here are some success stories from British Columbia

Action4Canada is receiving many success stories of serving the Notices of Liability both individually, and collectively through campaigns. If you have a personal success stories please email: [email protected] and specify “Testimony” in the subject line.

Every Act, Statute, Order and By-law MUST be consistent with the Constitution or it is of NO force or effect. Every citizen, no matter their position, must adhere to the highest law of the land.

December 2022 – School Board Job

Thank you for your devotion and obedience to the LORD. Thank you to all the volunteers who helped many of us. I was mandated to get the carrot shot by January 11, 2022. I applied to a school board job that didn’t require it, and thanks to A4C, I left the previous job on my terms (actually it’s all God as I prayed for a way out) and started the new job January 17th. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

March 29, 2022 – University Trades Teacher



 He was told he and his students had to wear masks.  He asked me what he could do and I gave him the Notices of Liability to give to his supervisors.  He was called in to a meeting with three of them and told he had to comply with the provincial health orders.  He refused to do so and gave them each a Notice of Liability.  He said he could see they were visibly shocked by this.  He heard it sent shockwaves throughout the administration and right after that two of his supervisors took a short leave of absence for a few weeks.  He isn’t sure if it had anything to do with the NoL’s but the timing was certainly coincidental and he and his students were never made to wear masks. 
March 25, 2022 – School Staff Member



Action4Canada, and specifically Tanya and Ridge Meadows Chapter Leader, helped me to find the courage to learn how to confidently stand up for myself and finally find my voice. With their encouragement, I was able to inform my employer that I would no longer be wearing a mask to work, and quickly became the ONLY staff member at the school I work in, who was taking a stand and not complying. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, you’ve given me hope that I never had before. 


January 7, 2022 - Standing under the privacy laws.
As an employee with an international Courier company, I won a small victory – or at least a stay of execution.
We had to notify the employer by January 7, 2022 if we were vaxxed or not.  I would have lost my job on Friday if I didn’t respond.
I provided my manager and his boss an NOL, including a letter stating I was not consenting to provide my personal medical information, as I was standing under the privacy laws.
They accepted it and I continue working for now with them.
The advice Tanya, the team and all the guests are giving us; works.
The advance medical directive works

My friend had a bad bicycle accident and when taken to hospital they saw his directive taped to his medical card and did not even ask him to take a covid test, Nanaimo, B.C. Let’s wake everybody up!!!.

After serving your NOL by employer actually took steps to protect me!
Dear Tanya,

I want to take the time to thank you and encourage you. You have done incredible work for Canadians. What a Godsend you are.

I used one of your Notices of Liability recently to defend my rights at work. It was indeed successful as it informed my employer of the legalities. It actually made them take steps to protect me – to ensure that I did not have to take the jab.

God bless you, Tanya! I pray for people like you who are brave leaders in standing up for truth.

After serving your NOL I do not have to get the JAB!!!
My employer sent around a “questionnaire” with ALL ILLEGAL QUESTIONS about 6 weeks ago.

I answered the “survey” anonymously on a browser they could not track.

Then I served them with the NOL saying that if they implemented a mandatory vaxx they could expect legal action. Registered mail $11. Best $11 I ever spent in my life!

They stopped booking me for work for about a month. I only work part-time.

They sent a whiny email. Asking if I still wanted it kept on file or removed from my file. I said keep it on file. Said it was WorkBC rules etc etc etc blah blah blah

In any event I heard nothing about any policy for weeks.

Then, they started booking me for work again. I checked the website and found the policy.

They have “decided” that my position and other examiners DO NOT HAVE TO GET THE JAB!!! But they have done this on their posted policy simply by omission.

Thank you Tanya!!

I am still watching them though…I expect WorkSafeBC will at some point look at their policy, so I am making other moves…

November 2, 2021 – Surrey School Board Announcement

The Surrey School Board Trustees were served Notices of Liability on Oct 18, 2021. Today the Surrey School Board announced that they will not be mandating COVID-19 for school staff.

“We have an obligation to our community to keep our schools open and to continue providing a safe learning environment for our students. Schools are a low-risk setting for transmission and public health experts have assured us that our schools are safe and that we do not need 100% vaccination rates for safe operation.”

Read full statement: Surrey Board of Education Announcement

October 29, 2021 – A small victory – but still ….

I submitted liability forms to Overlander Ski Club in Kamloops (president and membership director) in Kamloops a month ago as you could not apply for membership this upcoming season unless you and your children took the clot shot.

All requirements or mention of C19 restrictions have been removed from their website as of this week.

I think these work. I will be submitting more forms next week.


October 25, 2021 – Good News! Mandates Tabled Indefinitely!

The NOLs were served to the Victoria, BC School Trustees in person on Oct 19th, 2021. Today, the School Board had a meeting and passed a motion to table vaccine mandates indefinitely! What’s even more amazing is that the Victoria School Board had a meeting on Oct 18 where they recommended a motion for the Superintendent to begin development and implementation of safety procedures on a COVID-19 vaccine mandate. And now today they’re tabling the decision indefinitely!

Yay and thank you Action4Canada!

October 19, 2021 – Trustee Voting Against the Province

North Vancouver, BC – I reached out to the trustee and she called me a few moments ago and said she will be voting against the things being proposed by the province. I also asked how many emails she has gotten on this issue compared to past issues she has had to deal with. She mentioned about 400 are in her inbox which she mentioned might be around 300 at a minimum or so compared to other issues like SOGI and catchment areas that might be around 50 at the maximum.

Also, she has not read one email yet that is in favour of what the province is doing and understands the biased nature of mainstream media … so we are on the right track!!!! It’s a win and there is hope.


October 25, 2021 – Nurse Serves her Manager

Nurse: I met with my manager today as they are putting nurses on unpaid leave if they do not get the jab. I served my manager the Notice of Liability and also made it very clear that I would hold her personally liable for any loss of income I suffer because of her decision to support the government’s unlawful measures. HR was present and interrupted saying that my comments should be directed at the Provincial Health Officer but I maintained my position. This led to the manager swiftly ending the meeting and cancelling any further meetings scheduled with my colleagues who had appointments after me. We are on hold and awaiting further directive. Thank you Action4Canada for your resources and work to protect Canadians and the workforce.

Nurse X

September 20, 2021 – Kindergarten Responds Positively

This is my personal testimony about my grandson in kindergarten who is not wearing a mask in school.

When the mask mandates came into affect, we knew right away that our little five-year-old would not be wearing a mask at school. I emailed my daughter your notice of liability for mask mandates for children. She drafted up her own letter with it to fit her sons needs, and attached your liability letter. She emailed his teacher and his principal. Within an hour and a half the principal wrote back and said that her son would be mask exempt. Half of his classroom is not wearing a mask at school, which is great because he doesn’t feel like the odd kid sticking out.

I’ve spoken out loud about this twice at rallies, and have had other parents ask me for your paperwork, which I gladly pass on. I also give out the action4Canada website. Thank you so much for the work you do.