Taboo Talks

Taboo Talks with Tanya

Tackling the Difficult Topics!

Discussing the “difficult” topics that the Government would rather we kept silent about. Action4Canada meets via zoom every Tuesday @ 4:30pm PDT/7.30pm EDT to help further equip Canadians in defending their rights and freedoms as well as educate them on how to best utilize the Action4Canada resources. Register in advance for this meeting.

Recordings from Previous Taboo Talks

Erosion of parental rights and freedoms, and sexualization of children
May 10th 2022

WARNING – This video contains graphic content that may be upsetting or disturbing to some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.

LGBTQ Policital Agenda
April 26th 2022

World Economic Forum
April 12th 2022

Dealing with Vax Adverse Reactions
April 6th 2022

Central Banks and Your Money
March 14th 2022

Dr Greg Gerrie is our guest in this video, and he talks about the financial and banking systems of the world as well as crypto currency and government digital currency.

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