Pastors: Courage Under Fire

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Join us on the next Empower Hour as we hear from faithful Canadian pastors who kept their doors open during the unlawful lockdowns. Their courageous stand in continuing to preach the gospel and serve in their communities came at a cost, but one they were willing to pay. Draconian government overreach included surveillance, fines, harassment, intimidation and for some, imprisonment.

Government leaders who are pursuing the destruction of our democracy know that the church is the greatest obstacle standing in their way. This is why the government is hellbent on demonizing and persecuting pastors and believers who are unwilling to bow and submit to their unlawful dictates. 

Hebrews 10:25 exhorts Christians to “not forsake assembling together…” We are called to assemble to draw near to God and He to us. It is in fellowship within the church that we praise and honour and glorify Him. Christians MUST continue to gather together to worship and pray and exhort one another to hold unto their Faith.

Be it resolved that when, as followers of Christ, we find God and our governments colliding,
“we must obey God rather than men.” (Acts 5:29)

About Our Guests:

Pastor Randy Beatty, Living Waters Fellowship, Black Creek, BC 

Pastor Randy was born into a pastor’s home and was saved in 1965 at the age of ten, at which time he already felt the call into the ministry. Pastor Randy has been pastoring for 40 years and the past 30 years has been at Living Waters Fellowship in Black Creek. Pastor Randy and his wife Diane decided to take a stand to remain open early on in the so-called pandemic. As a result, the RCMP put their church under surveillance. Pastor Randy learned about Action4Canada and attended webinars wherein A4C provided training and resources on clergy’s guaranteed right to assemble. As a result Pastor Randy successfully remained open throughout the remainder of the lockdowns. Pastor Randy is looking forward to what God has for the future and believes his main call is to continue to be faithful, regardless of the cost, and to preach truth without compromise. Pastor Randy relates to Paul the Apostle in Acts chapter 20 and verse 24 where he says, “I consider my life worth nothing if only I may finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me the task of testifying to the gospel of God’s grace.”

Pastor Artur Pawlowski, Street Church, Calgary, AB

Prior to Covid, Pastor Artur was well known as an advocate for the poor and the homeless. Pastor Artur emigrated from Poland to Canada in 1973 and is therefore very familiar with the abuse of power under a communist regime. Pastor Artur is not only a Canadian clergyman but also a civil and human rights activist and as such, he is unwilling to compromise and bow to government tyranny. He is a ferocious defender of the faith and unwavering in preaching and obeying the Word of God. 

In 2020 and 2021, when the Alberta Premier, public health authorities and police services began violating the protections for conducting religious services and assemblies in Section 176 of the Criminal Code of Canada, Pastor Artur stood up and said, “No!”  and as a result endured fines, arrests, jail and solitary confinement. The Calgary Police Service staged highly visible takedowns to publicly embarrass him. Instead, Pastor Artur  became a hero of the faith for all right-thinking Albertans and Canadians who believe in standing up for ordered liberty and freedom. 

One of the judges who helped orchestrate Artur’s arrest was Judge Germaine. After a review of his actions, three appeal court judges ruled that his actions were illegal. Action4Canada commenced a campaign to have Judge Germaine removed from the bench but the Canadian Judicial Council has not upheld their duty to do so. Please continue to apply pressure to the CLC demanding they remove Judge Germaine. Take Action HERE

Rev. Philip Hutchings, His Tabernacle Family Church, Saint John, New Brunswick

Rev. Hutchings has a passion and love for God and His Word and a desire to lead people to repentance and salvation. Rev. Hutchings, his wife Jamie and his associate pastor, Cody Butler and his wife, Dana, endured bullying, harassment, surveillance and intimidation for refusing to comply with the unlawful government lockdowns and restrictions. Rev. Hutchings was jailed for a week and Pastor Cody was arrested.

Pastor Ken and Bonnie Gilliard, A4C Fredericton, NB, Chapter Leaders, immediately came to their assistance and provided them with A4C’s resources as well as personal support. Pastor Ken was at every court appearance with Rev. Phil, and Bonnie was outside drawing a crowd of supporters and live streamed it on Facebook. Pastor Ken reached out to Ruth Ross from Christian Legal Defence who provided the name of Johnathan Martin who became Phil’s lawyer. As a result the tickets have been dismissed and the multiple charges dropped. Rev. Phil still faces a contempt charge but after all others have failed to hold up in the courts, why is this still being pursued? 

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