To Serve and Protect in the Face of Tyranny

To Serve and Protect in the Face of Tyranny

Dear Friends,

Join us this week with our special guest, Vincent Gircys, a 32 year, retired veteran of the Ontario Provincial Police, experienced in Criminal Investigations and an expert witness in Forensic Reconstruction. His skill set has now been personally re-deployed to serve a new purpose in his retirement as he calls on every law enforcement officer to remember their Oath is the Oath.

“To serve and protect” does not, nor should ever include trampling upon the rights and freedoms of the public or their constitution. That should mean never obstructing people from attending religious gatherings, educational programs, companionship with the elders in isolation or shopping in independent businesses.  While he believes the dystopian mandates are built upon lies and protected by a compromised media, his police experience knows that Truth requires no support and can always stand on it’s own.

When: Aug 4th, 2021 5:30pm PST/8:30pm EST
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