Danielle Pistilli, was born and raised in North Vancouver BC. She and her husband have known each other since she was 13 and they are the proud parents of two young adults, who are both lions when it comes to standing up for what they believe in. She has a background in sales and management and is currently working for a holistic wellness wholesale company called Colour Energy. Working the alternative wellness industry, Dani has been a leader and teacher in the field of intuitive healing, colour therapy and aromatherapy for 13 years now. Just prior to 2020, Dani had a serious interest in holistic nutrition before her focus was redirected by the pandemic, but has put in thousands of hours researching the good the bad and the ugly of the food care industry and different diets to heal the body. She has also studied the history of the medical industry, vaccines, detoxification, supplements, earthing, healthy mind set and has always lived by the power prayer. If there is a natural or alternative way to take on healing, Dani has most likely researched it, tried it and recommends it if it is good.

Alicia Johnson was born in Victoria, British Columbia. She studied Business Technology at Kwantlen University. She is a mother and sister of five younger siblings. Alicia has worked in the music industry, events industry, tourism industry, medical/surgical industry and is now an entrepreneur having her own agency in wholesale goods and service in the retail/souvenir sector.  Her passion has always been humanitarian work, music and the arts. Alicia has always been a voice of strength for those who cannot speak or stand up for themselves.