Teacher Union Presidents

Teacher Union Presidents

British Columbia – https://citizengo.org/en-ca/201691-protect-our-kids-remove-masks

Teri Mooring, President
British Columbia Teachers’ Federation
100 – 550 West 6th Ave
Vancouver BC  V5Z 4P2

Email:  [email protected]
Telephone:  604-871-2283
Toll free:  1-800-663-9163


Alberta – https://citizengo.org/en-ca/201918-protect-our-kids-remove-masks-alberta

Jason Schilling, President
Alberta Teachers’ Association
350, 6815 8 Street NE
Calgary AB  T2E 7H7 

Email:  [email protected]
Telephone:  403-265-2672
Toll Free:  1-800-332-1280


Saskatchewan – https://citizengo.org/en-ca/201919-protect-our-kids-remove-masks-saskatchewan

Patrick Maze, President
Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation
2317 Arlington Ave
Saskatoon SK S7J  2H8

Email:  [email protected]
Telephone:  306-373-1660
Toll Free:  1-800-667-7762


Manitoba – https://citizengo.org/en-ca/201982-protect-our-kids-remove-masks-manitoba

James Bedford, President
Manitoba Teachers’ Society
McMaster House, 191 Harcourt St
Winnipeg MB  R3J 3H2

Email:  http://[email protected]
Telephone:  204-888-7961
Toll Free:  1-800-262-8803


Ontario – https://citizengo.org/en-ca/201911-protect-our-kids-remove-masks

Parker Robinson, President
Ontario Teachers’ Federation
Suite 100, 10 Alcorn Ave
Toronto ON  M4V 3A9

Email:  [email protected]
Telephone:  416.966.3424
Toll Free:  1.800.268.7061


Quebec – https://citizengo.org/en-ca/201984-protect-our-kids-remove-masks-quebec

Heidi Yetman, President
Quebec Provincial Association of Teachers
Suite 1 , 17035 Brunswick Blvd
Kirkland QC  H9H 5G6

Email:  [email protected]
Phone:  514-694-9777
Toll-Free:  800-361-9870


Nova Scotia – https://citizengo.org/en-ca/201977-protect-our-kids-remove-masks-nova-scotia

Paul Wozney, President
Nova Scotia Teachers’ Union
3106 Joseph Howe Dr
Halifax NS  B3L 4L7

Email:  [email protected]
Telephone:  902-477-5621
Toll Free:  1-800-565-6788


Prince Edward Island (PEI) – https://citizengo.org/en-ca/201983-protect-our-kids-remove-masks-pei

Aldene Smallman, President
Prince Edward Islands Teachers’ Federation
24 Glen Stewart Dr.
Stratford, PEI  C1A 8L4

Email:  [email protected]
Telephone:  (902) 569-4157
Toll Free:  1-800-903-4157


Newfoundland and Labrador – https://citizengo.org/en-ca/201981-protect-our-kids-remove-masks-newfoundlandlabrador

Dean Ingram, President
Newfoundland and Labrador Teachers’ Association
3 Kenmount Rd
St. John’s NL  A1B 1W1

Email:  [email protected]
Telephone:  (709) 726-3223
Toll Free:  1 800 563-3599


New Brunswick – https://citizengo.org/en-ca/201912-protect-our-kids-remove-masks-new-brunswick

Rick Cumming, President
New Brunswick Teachers’ Association
650 Montgomery St
Fredericton NB  E3B 2X7

Email:  [email protected]
Telephone:  506-452-1724
Toll Free:  1-800-565-5626


Northwest Territories – https://citizengo.org/en-ca/201979-protect-our-kids-remove-masks-northwest-territories

Matthew Miller, President
Northwest Territories Teachers’ Association
5018-48 Street
Yellowknife NT  X1A 2P7

Email:  [email protected]
Telephone:  867-873-8501


Nunavut – https://citizengo.org/en-ca/201978-protect-our-kids-remove-masks-nunavut

John Fanjoy, President
Nunavut Teachers’ Association
38 Abe Okpik Cres
Iqaluit  X0A 0H0

Email:  [email protected]
Telephone: (867) 979-0750, Ext. 221


Yukon – https://citizengo.org/en-ca/201980-protect-our-kids-remove-masks-yukon

Ted Hupé, President
Yukon Teachers’ Association
2064 2nd Ave
Whitehorse Yukon  Y1A 1A9

Email:  [email protected]
Telephone:  (867) 668-6777, Ext 3
Toll Free:  1-866-668-2097

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