Media LIEability The Media Notice of Liability is ready to serve! Time to hold the propaganda arm of the tyrannical government to account! Media have an ethical standard to meet. When they violate that standard, there are consequences.

Time to Hold the LIEable Media to Account!

When: December 8th, 2021. Sign on starts at 05:30pm PST/8:30pm EST Register in Advance.

The meeting starts at 5:45pm PST/8.45pm EST with an Intro Presentation to Action4Canada. At 6pm PST/9pm EST the Empower Hour begins. Closed captioning is available for the hearing impaired.

Action4Canada’s special guest is Pastor Artur Pawlowski. Pastor Artur will be joining Tanya for a lively discussion about the media and how they are working as the propaganda arm of the government to instill fear and sustain the narrative that we are in a State of Emergency, even though the State never implemented a Federal Emergency. Read More

Call to ACTION!

The time has finally come. The Media Notice of Liability is ready to go and we are calling on all Canadians to take action!
It is time to hold the media to account! They have ethical journalistic standards to meet. When they are in violation of those standards there must be consequences. Read More

The media, all levels including the local town rag, are being used to strip Canadians of their freedoms. It is critical that we understand that without the media, the government would not have been able to pull off the biggest scam in the history of the world. 

Therefore, this campaign needs to be taken very seriously. We need all hands on deck. 

The media are lying and withholding information. For example, they are intentionally deceiving the public and covering up the facts regarding the experimental injection adverse reactions and deaths that are resulting in a mass genocide. And then using the symptoms of the new Omicron variant, heart attacks and blood clotsto further cover up the effects of the Covid ‘vaccine’ deaths and adverse reactions.

Secret $61 Million Media Pay-off 

Blacklock and Rebel News revealed that Trudeau, right before the election, paid-off 1,500 news media companies. Is it any surprise that Canadians do not trust the mainstream media? It’s time to hold them to account. Media Notice of Liability.

There is More to the Big Picture

The Canadian publishers that have signed agreements are Black Press Media, Glacier Media, The Globe and Mail, Metro Media, Narcity Media, SaltWire Network, Village Media and the Winnipeg Free Press. Google will pay news organizations to create and curate journalism. 

Wait! There is More

The Trusted News Initiative (TNI) was set up in 2019 to protect audiences and users from disinformation, particularly around moments of jeopardy, such as elections

CBC/Radio-Canada joined the TNI to rapidly identify and stop the spread of harmful coronavirus disinformation.  Partners will alert each other to disinformation about coronavirus, including “imposter content” purporting to come from trusted sources. Such content will be reviewed promptly to ensure that disinformation is not republished. This will complement work already underway by CBC and Radio-Canada to expose mistruths and disinformation around the global pandemic. 

“The Trusted News Initiative partners will continue to work together to ensure legitimate concerns about future vaccinations are heard whilst harmful disinformation myths are stopped in their tracks.” 
 Tim Davie, Director-General

TNI Partners: AP, AFP; BBC, CBC/Radio-Canada, European Broadcasting Union (EBU), Facebook, Financial Times, First Draft, Google/YouTube, The Hindu, Microsoft, Reuters, Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, Twitter, The Washington Post.

Here is an Example of The TNI’s Global Censorship:

DuckDuck vs Google

What Does Fake News and Misinformation Look Like?

Exhibit A: The Media Reports the Jabs are Safe and Effective.

Then why are athletes worldwide dropping like flies?

There is a reported 5-fold increase in sudden and unexplained heart deaths among FIFA players in 2021.

Since December, 183 professional athletes and coaches have suddenly collapsed, 108 dead.

This happens to be one of the primary negative effects of the COVID vaccines especially amongst men. View More Reports Here

Exhibit B: CBC Fake News, Mannequin Used as Patient

The CBC used a mannequin in place of an actual patient to make the situation in Alberta’s hospitals seem more alarming than it was. And it turns out that the carefully crafted hospital scene intended to scare viewers wasn’t even in a hospital!

Exhibit C: Fake News, Nursing Shortage Due to Covid

The Media are using military psychological warfare methods to manipulate citizens as they appeal to their emotions: fear, sympathy, anger, injustice.

The truth of the matter is that the nursing shortage referred to in this video has nothing to due with Covid but rather is due to the government implementing forced experimental jab mandates.  As a result over three thousands nurses are on unpaid leave in BC. The further reality is that there has been a nursing shortage across the country well before Covid was ever a thing. Link on nursing shortage

An Alberta emergency room physician, Dr. Gary Davidsonpublicly stated that the hospital capacity crisis in his province was “created,” is nothing new, and is not from COVID-19 patients and has been going on for six years. “We have a crisis, and we have a crisis because we have no staff, because our staff quit, because they’re burned out, they’re not burnt out from COVID.” 

Exhibit D: April 2020 Empty Hospital Emergency Waiting Rooms

This video was taken by Tanya Gaw, Founder of Action4Canada in April of 2020. Tanya recorded firsthand that the hospital emergency waiting rooms were empty, the parking lots were empty and there was no line-up at the admission tents outside. This report was contrary to the Mainstream Media’s narrative that the hospitals were flooded with COVID-19 patients and showing lengthy line-ups outside. 

Exhibit E: Staging a Crisis?

Exhibit F: Climate Change Global Media Propaganda

Headline: Canadian becomes world’s first patient to be diagnosed as suffering from ‘climate change’.

This is no joke, BC Dr. Kyle Merritt, who has an obvious agenda and is targeting the oil and gas industry, diagnosed a patient who had pre-existing health issues, with ‘Climate Change’. The truth of the matter was that patients were having difficulty breathing as a result of suffering ongoing smoke inhalation due to intense fires and smoke filling the air throughout BC during the summer. People, understandably, were struggling but it wasn’t due to climate change. What the news neglected to report was that the BC government was strongly suspected of being  behind setting many of the fires and that the province also refused to allow ranchers to fight the fires or to allow other countries to send help.

Global News has consistently supported the Global Climate Cabal’s outrageous Agenda 21/30 to control the masses by moving people out of the wilderness and into the cities. This is a must watch, Agenda 21 in Less Than 5 Minutes. 

Exhibit H: Ibbiston from the Globe and Mail Promotes Hate Speech and Discrimination 

In his “opinion” piece, John Ibbitson of The Globe and Mail, uses his platform to promote hate speech against those who choose not to take the experimental gene therapy jabs. Wait a minute, isn’t that in breach of The Globe and Mail’s Code of Conduct? And a further violation of the Liberal’s “multi-faceted approach to combat on-line hate speech, Bill C-36” which is also listed as a form of discrimination?

Bill C-36 amends the Criminal Code to create a recognizance to keep the peace relating to hate propaganda and hate crime, and to define “hatred” for the purposes of two hate propaganda offences, incite and promote.

In addition, it amends the Canadian Human Rights Act to provide that it is a discriminatory practice to communicate or cause to be communicated hate speech by means of the Internet or other means of telecommunication in a context in which the hate speech is likely to foment detestation or vilification of an individual or group of individuals on the basis of a prohibited ground of discrimination. It authorizes the Canadian Human Rights Commission to accept complaints alleging this discriminatory practice and authorizes the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal to adjudicate complaints and order remedies.

Call to Action: Contact and serve John Ibbitson the Media Notice of Liability. Contact info Here

These are prime examples of how despicable many members of the Canadian Media are and why Action4Canada has created the Media Notice of Liability as a way to put a halt to this insanity. But we cannot accomplish this without your active participation in the Media Notice of Liability campaign.

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God bless you and God bless Canada!

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“As long as we have faith in our own cause

and an unconquerable will to win,

victory will not be denied us.”

~ Winston Churchill ~

Disclaimer:  This information is not intended to be used as legal or health advise. We encourage you to do your own research.