Empower Hour with Tanya Gaw and Pastor Artur Pawlowski The mainstream media are the propaganda arm of the government and are fueling hate and intolerance towards Christians. Persecution of the Church is rising as the media accuse anyone who does not comply with the tyrannical and illegal orders as being in violation of the law. The fact of the matter is, according to Section 52(1) of the Constitution, that any Act, Statute, Order or By-Law that is inconsistent with the Constitution...is of "no force or effect."

Empower Hour with Tanya Gaw and Pastor Artur Pawlowski

When: December 8th, 2021. Sign on starts at 05:30pm PST/8:30pm EST Register in Advance.

The meeting starts at 5:45pm PST/8.45pm EST with an Intro Presentation to Action4Canada. At 6pm PST/9pm EST the Empower Hour begins. Closed captioning is available for the hearing impaired.

Action4Canada’s special guest is Pastor Artur Pawlowski. Pastor Artur will be joining Tanya for a lively discussion about the media and how they are working as the propaganda arm of the government, to instill fear and sustain the narrative that we are in a State of Emergency, even though the State never implemented the Federal Emergency Act.

Pastor Artur has faithfully served his church community and the homeless for many years and endured consistent backlash from local government and law enforcement. When so-called COVID hit and unlawful restrictions were ordered against the church, Pastor Artur made a decision to not comply with the government’s illegal activities and instead embraced his rights which are guaranteed under the Constitution, Charter of Rights and the Rule of Law. However, the powers that be decided to vindictively plot against him and pursued his arrest on multiple occasions: Here and Here.

Pastor Artur has received unexpected notoriety worldwide and his message of faith and endurance to stand for truth and righteousness, and to expose evil, has touched the hearts and minds of citizens around the globe.

Through it all the mainstream media’s assault against Christians has also been revealed as they fuel hate and intolerance towards the Church and its leadership nationwide. The persecution of Christians is rising in western nations because western countries founded on biblical principles are countries founded on freedom and democracy. Tyrants can’t rule when the church is standing strong so the media has worked to strategically help undermine and divide the church by pitting Canadians and Christians against one another.

The fact all along is that the Church should never have been forced to close their doors according to Section 52(1) of the Constitution, that clearly states they any act, statute, order or by-law that is inconsistent with the Constitution…is of “no force or effect.” And Section 176 (1-3) of the criminal code says that ‘obstructing or violence to or arrest of officiating clergyman’ is an indictable offense.

Due to Pastor Artur’s unrelenting spirit the battles are being won and justice is prevailing although we still have a ways to go.

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