A4C Notices of Liability are Having a BIG Impact!

The government, the health depts, the unions and the media are feeling the pressure and doing everything they can to discredit the power of our Notices of Liability. 

But the facts are the facts, the law is the law, and your rights…are guaranteed!

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New Notice to Protect Canadians Against VaxPass

According to top constitutional lawyer, Rocco Galati, “both government and private businesses CANNOT impose mandatory vaccinations…”

You have the GUARANTEED right to life, liberty, and security of the person, including the right to access services without discrimination or hardship. Anyone interfering with these rights is violating the law and they are in direct violation of the Canadian Constitution, the Coronation Oath, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Bill of Rights, the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. There are no provisions in any orders of any health minister, doctor, or provincial legislation, that can, nor pretend that any measures can, override Charter or other pre-Charter constitutional rights. View Notice HERE

Tyranny and Population Control

Who are the players?

The government, health depts, unions and media are demanding everyone be forced to take the injection, ignoring the warnings of medical professionals who are reporting severe adverse effects, including death.

The government is pushing a deadly experimental gene therapy that is knowingly causing severe harm.

For decades there have been warnings about the harms of childhood vaccines,  which are approved, and causing devastating side effects and, yet, they remain on the market. 

Watch the video above of a perfectly healthy baby paralyzed 13 days after being administered the DTaP. 

Vaccines are known to have serious side effects, and the COVID shot is bringing greater awareness. No one has the right to force citizens to take the jab. The Constitution agrees!

CBC – The Canadian Brainwashing Corporation 

The Propaganda Arm of the Government never ceases to miss an opportunity to weave a web of misinformation and lies. Reporter (we use that term loosely), Chris Walker is so desperate to report against citizens who are defending our national sovereignty, that he not only makes shameful libelous and defamatory statements about freedom activist David Lindsay, but he also attempts to undermine the power and legitimacy of Action4Canada’s Notices of Liability, which were reviewed and approved by top Constitutional lawyer Rocco Galati.

Walker further neglects to name the source of the Notices of Liability. Is Walker concerned about readers having the opportunity to view the NOL’s…or could it be because CBC is named as a defendant in Action4Canada’s legal action?

Is Chris Walker just another CBC reporter in violation of the Broadcasting Act, lacking the moral fortitude to report the facts without biased and provide both sides, or is he just ignorant in respect to Canadian’s guaranteed rights under the Constitution and Charter of Rights and Freedoms? CBC Article

CUPE Misleading their Members…Hmmm…

Is the Union in breach of their collective agreement with their members? Is it time to stop paying union dues?

Union leaders are not medical professionals and, therefore, are unlawfully practicing medicine by prescribing, recommending, facilitating, advertising, mandating, incentivising, and using coercion to insist employees, submit to ANY vaccine including the experimental gene therapy injections for COVID-19, commonly referred to as a “vaccine”.

Not only does the union use convoluted double-speak in their communication with their members, giving with their right hand and taking away with their left, but they also misinform them by minimizing the serious consequences of ignoring their “personal” culpability associated with being complicit with the government’s unlawful orders which are knowingly having severe adverse effects.

As evidenced in the Nuremberg Trials, “I was just following orders” was not a defense. 

Is it time to take action against CUPE Executives for violating the guaranteed rights of their members?

Meanwhile…In Norway

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