Guaranteed...The Right to Life, Liberty, and Security of the Person

Guaranteed…The Right to Life, Liberty, and Security of the Person

Dear Friends,

It is so good to be back!

It has been a month since we last communicated with you due to technical difficulties with our e-mail system. It took us some time to get it sorted out, but we have resolved the matter and are back in business.

Even though we were temporarily disconnected, we were not idle. We have been working around the clock on several campaigns in defence of Canadian’s rights, including the legal action.

Constitutional challenges are expensive and thanks to the generosity of the grassroots movement we have reached 44% of our financial goal. Once we reach 50%, it will be full steam ahead in filing the Statement of Claim. The plaintiffs are lined up and we believe we have a strong case against the corrupt federal and provincial governments in response to their draconian measures. We have also attended numerous rallies to help raise funds and we wish to give a big shout out to everyone who generously participated and contributed. Please continue to assist us in getting the word out and help raise the additional funds. Please Donate

Tanya Gaw has also been working to bring awareness through numerous interviews and speeches. Including Cliff KincaidThe Denman ShowRebel News and others.

In the past month, Action4Canada also launched a campaign in support of small businesses in BC, advising them of their rights and their duties. Due to the success of this campaign, we will be launching it nationally at the request of other provinces. Please review the business campaign materials and consider overseeing a campaign in your province. We have teams in both Alberta and Ontario but need many more volunteers to make this a true success. Contact us at [email protected] and state, Volunteer Lead, in the subject line and include your location and contact info. Business owners have the right to thrive and provide for their families…to “life, liberty, and security of the person.”

Last, but certainly not least, we have been working with Church leaders, since the October Call to Action, to fully and permanently open churches without restrictions, This is in accordance with our guaranteed rights under the Constitution and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The Riverside Calvary Church is one example, of many, churches who are rising up in Canada and claiming their God given right to assemble. Rebel News /CBC News  Action4Canada will be launching a further campaign to open the churches in the next few days.

Should churches and small businesses be forced to comply with orders that are inconsistent and irrational while Costco, liquor stores, and airlines are fully open for business and thriving?

Thank you! God bless you, and God bless Canada!

The [email protected]