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Dr. Stephen Malthouse, BC physician, joined Tanya Gaw on the Empower Hour to discuss multiple unlawful Bills that have been fast-tracked through the BC legislature by the NDP government, without public debate or input from experts. Bill 36 hits close to home for Dr. Malthouse and many doctors as it threatens to destroy their practice and livelihood if they do not comply with Orwellian policies. In response, Dr. Malthouse is giving presentations online and at town hall meetings throughout BC to help educate as many people as possible, not only on Bill 36 but a list of others that pose a significant threat to our quality of life and how we function on a daily basis. 

Dr. Malthouse became somewhat infamous for his courageous steps in questioning the COVID-19 extreme measures. In October 2020 Dr. Malthouse wrote an open letter calling out BC Health Officer, Bonnie Henry, for implementing drastic measures, which were not based on scientific evidence and were causing a great deal of harm.

Dr Malthouse has practiced family medicine for 45 years in rural, urban, emergency room and palliative care settings. His integrative approach to healthcare combines the best of conventional and alternative therapies, with a special interest in homeopathic, orthomolecular and nutritional medicine. He is the founder of the Canadian Integrative Medicine Association and Past-president of the Canada Health Alliance. His outspoken position on COVID-19 public health mandates has placed him at the centre of the debate about informed choice in healthcare and the censorship of physician voices in British Columbia. Please be sure to register in advance and invite others to hear Dr. Malthouse speak on this important matter!

BC’s Bill 31, Emergency and Disaster Management Act, and Bill 36, Health Professions and Occupation Act, are nefarious pieces of legislation attacking the very core of our healthcare system as well as the freedoms, liberties, privacy, mobility and bodily autonomy of every citizen.

Bills 44, 46 and 47 give power to the provincial government and strip your local representation and resident’s voices from disputing high growth communities. The plan is to restrict land ownership and force residents into densely packed neighourhoods consisting of seas of townhomes and skyscrapers. 

These Bills apply to British Columbia but you can rest assure that this agenda is happening in municipalities nationwide. See the video evidence below revealing Edmonton, AB’s recent announcement on their 15 Minute City strategy. 

Edmonton 15 Minute City: Conspiracy Theory Now Reality

Every municipality is being lobbied by the UN cabal to pass legislation that will pave the way for government controlled 15 Minute/SMART Cities. Your local municipalities are receiving huge financial incentives, our tax dollars, to implement the 2030 Agenda which will put a stranglehold on our freedoms. The noose is tightening and the only way out is for every citizen to not comply with their agenda, oppose it loudly and be actively engaged in electing candidates who support our Constitution and are willing to protect our inalienable rights and freedoms!

As an aside, does the Edmonton City Council really understand what they are proposing? No municipality anywhere in Canada has the right to override the mobility rights guaranteed in the Charter, regardless of the justification used, or for that matter, any of the protections contained in the Bill of Rights. And how will they enforce hundreds of thousands of citizens protesting all this?

Visit Action4Canada’s 15 Minute Cities page to get access to our multiple resources, flyers, educational videos and more and start lobbying your local government today!

Central Bank Digital Currency, Part 2

Brett Oland, CEO of Bow Valley Credit Union in Alberta, joined Tanya Gaw for Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) Part 2. Mr. Oland provided a presentation helping to educate and warn the public about the harms of CBDCs, Open Banking and the B15 Guidelines for climate risk. There are a number of serious risks with these initiatives, including liability, operational issues and cyber threats, although the government claims the objectives are to help streamline banking for your convenience and protect your savings and investments.

The government is good at marketing their bad ideas, by cloaking them in a shroud of benevolent good, whilst hiding the true, sinister agenda. In this case it involves an obscene wealth transfer, hand-in-hand with a plan to control ‘every’ aspect of our lives. Watch the Empower Hour video above to learn more and also read Action4Canada’s Weekly Action page  on this topic as well as review Part 1 to see what steps you can take to stop CBDCs in Canada.

Watch A4C’s Weekly News Updates (Part 1)

This week Tanya Gaw, founder of Action4Canada, provides a two-part Weekly News Update. Part 1 is on the current issues that are important to Canadians, and also includes effective resources and actions to equip and empower citizens in protecting their rights and freedoms and defending this great nation and also updates on great WINS.

Part 2 is on the rising and “Imminent threat of Islam” to Canada’s national security. View below.  Subscribe to our Rumble Channel Today!

Watch A4C’s Weekly News Updates (Part 2)

In this special Weekly News Update Tanya does a deep dive into exposing the rising and imminent threat of Islam in Canada. From Halal food and banking that funds terrorism, to political entryism wherein Muslims (and Khalistani Sikhs) strategically run for office so that they can incrementally advance their ‘foreign’ political agendas. 

This is all being done with the approval and support of Justin Trudeau and the liberals. Facilitating and funding terrorists and allowing foreign bad actors to enter positions of government are Acts of Treason and it is long overdue to turn this around…while we still can. Watch this special report, share with others and please sign the petition demanding a Moratorium on Immigration.

We need to shutdown our borders and get our ‘House’ in order! 

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