The Charter Rights vs COVID-Communism

Twenty-one months ago the Canadian government declared war against the citizens of this nation. For many years leading up to 2020, the government had been tightening the noose on freedoms by nullifying the Constitution and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The attack against freedom of speech has been an integral part of their strategy to censor the dissenting voices. This, along with the campaign of fear, has been very effective in controlling the masses and pitting Canadians against one another, dividing families, co-workers, and long-time relationships.

The Charter was Created to PROTECT Citizen’s Rights

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Joining us on the next Empower Hour is special guest, the Honourable Brian Peckford, former Premier of Newfoundland and the last surviving architect of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. 

In 1982, Hon. Peckford was involved in the Constitutional Patriation Process, the political procedure that led to full Canadian sovereignty, culminating with the Constitution Act which was signed by Queen Elizabeth. The Charter of Rights became a part of the Constitution providing guaranteed rights and freedoms for Canadian citizens and was incorporated into the Supreme Law of the land. These rights and freedoms include freedom of conscience, religion, thought, belief, expression, the press, peaceful assembly, association, mobility rights, and the right to life, liberty and security of the person. 

Be sure to join us as this amazing Freedom Fighter shares his concerns about the government’s tyrannical and oppressive orders, and how it relates to our Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Read More

The Government has NOT Demonstrably Justified an Emergency

LifeSite: “It is the opinion of Brian Peckford that the intent of the Charter, and the spirit of the Charter has been lost in Canada, and is being abused under the tyranny that has arisen since the advent of the COVID narrative. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees the rights and freedoms set out in it subject only to such reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society.”

Peckford explains, “There may be situations … where governments are going to have to take certain actions which may infringe upon what we set below [in the Charter], however, in order for them to do that they have to demonstrably justify what it is they are proposing to do.”

Notices of Liability: Saving Jobs, Saving Lives!

Action4Canada has been on the front line fighting the good fight and providing Canadians with tangible and effective resources to protect their rights and freedoms. A4C commenced a campaign in BC against the School Board Trustees who were instructed by the Minister of Education, Jennifer Whiteside, to mandate the jab for teachers. Whiteside is named as a defendant in A4C’s legal action and is passing the liability buck onto Trustees to do the government’s dirty work.

Nearly all trustees have now been served the Notice of Liability and, so far, eleven School Board Districts have met and all eleven have voted NO to mandating the jab. This is a huge win that is not only protecting teacher’s jobs, and lives, but is forcing the unions and government to admit what we have known all along – confirming in every press release that “schools are not a primary source of COVID-19 cases within the community” and “schools are not considered high risk settings.”

With this in mind it is very clear that students are not at risk, or causing risk to others, and therefore there is absolutely no need to vaccinate minors!

Director-General of the WHO Confirms Children Should NOT be Given the Jab

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