What is the agenda behind the Liberal and NDP’s Mission to Control Death?

June 19, 2020

Please take action below and become a Member of the Delta Hospice Association

Action4Canada is continuing to follow the story of the NDP’s quest for death in BC wherein the government is demanding a privately run hospice provide euthanasia as a “service.” This violates the Hospice’s constitution to provide compassionate care and support for persons in the last stages of living, so that they may live as fully and comfortably as possible, until their natural death. Angelina Ireland, president of the Delta Hospice Society, is fighting a huge battle that will be precedent setting for the whole country, and she desperately needs our support. See this interview with Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson for more details.

In 2016 the Liberal government ushered in euthanasia, amending the Criminal Code to permit “non-culpable homicide” under the guise of offering a *service* to the elderly and terminally ill (those with a “foreseeable death”).

However, as with everything the Liberals initiate, it rapidly morphed into a much more sinister and morally bankrupt agenda. Bill C-7, a further amendment to the criminal code on Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID), was introduced in December 2019, passed second reading in February 2020, and is well on its way to becoming law.

No longer does a person need to be terminally ill–they just need to say they want to die. The Liberals have gone so far as to remove the mandatory 10-day waiting period and requirement for two witnesses, further reducing protection for vulnerable members of society. Someone struggling with mental illness, depression for example, will no longer be considered mentally ill. As most of us can attest to, depression can be triggered when life gives you a hard knock. What if, in a moment of despair, someone decides life is too much to bear and they want to be euthanized? Hope is vital to these individuals but is absent in their lowest moments. But, given time and proper access to mental health care, they can once again thrive.

What would have become of Terry Fox if he had been provided the option of euthanasia during his lowest moments? A Canadian icon, who touched the lives of many, might never have lived long enough to inspire millions.

And what about the youth who are going through the difficult time of puberty, with their rapidly changing emotions overwhelming their every decision? Will the Liberals’ Bill C-7 allow them to access MAID? We can be confident that parents will not have a say, based on the Liberals’ and NDP’s aggressive assault on parental rights regarding trans activism and conversion therapy bans.

For more information on Bill C-7, please read this article  by the Christian Legal Defence.

Although it is always portrayed as noble and compassionate, the legislation the Liberals and NDP enact has serious repercussions for democracy, and even for human life itself. Indeed, “noble and compassionate” are sounding more and more like population control–culling those the government considers to be a burden on the health care system.

The following Call to Action consists of two requests:

1) Please help the Delta Hospice Society by buying a membership. It only costs $10, and you can use your voice as a member to help ensure the Society remains a palliative care facility that does not provide euthanasia. Anyone in Canada can become a member.   Payment on-line  or  By Cash or Cheque

2) The BC Legislature is resuming on June 22, and the BC Liberals are requesting feedback (click here) on what issues they should raise during the legislative session. An interesting request, as the Liberals have supported pretty much every NDP cause! We in BC would appreciate your assistance in holding their feet to the fire. Here are a few points you may wish to raise:

  • Why are the NDP demanding that the Delta Hospice provide euthanasia–pulling funding and seizing property for not complying–when a euthanasia facility is right next door to the Hospice?
  • Why are the NDP abolishing parental rights, taking control of minors, and pumping them full of hormones, resulting in sterilization and mutilation? This is in violation of the Canadian Constitution and international agreements.
  • John Horgan proposed that Trudeau support his motion to provide 10 days sick leave to every Canadian, supported by NDP leader Jagmeet Singh. In return, the federal NDP supported Trudeau’s motion to shut down Parliament until September 15th. Why aren’t the Liberals and NDP working to get Canadians back to work instead of eliminating the middle class, destroying businesses and people’s livelihoods?
  • Why is the BC government extending the state of emergency when there is no evidence to support it? There were “record high opiod deaths” in BC, 170 in one month. Covid death rates remain comparable to the yearly influenza rates.

Thank you in advance for taking action. In so doing, you are supporting those who are on the front lines working hard on your behalf to protect personal rights and freedoms.

The Team @ Action4Canada

Rally for Canada continues – June 20th and 21st