Battle Against the BC NDPs Quest to Control Death
June 4, 2020

Dear Friends,

Thank you to everyone who is actively involved in responding to the letter writing campaigns. Please keep up the good work. Elected officials must hear from you for the political narrative to change. We have tens of thousands of contacts, but if only a few respond, we will not be effective in our mission. We need to be the squeaky wheel!

The following action is in response to Angelina Ireland’s (President of the Delta Hospice Society) unprecedented battle against the BC NDP government. They have announced that the DHS, which operates a private, 10-bed home, will lose its $1.5 million annual funding grant because its leadership and staff refuse to euthanize their palliative care patients. Furthermore, NDP Health Minister Adrian Dix announced that the government will seize the private assets of the hospice, including the building, which was paid for with approximately $9 million in private donations raised by the Society.  

This decision is not only another targeted attack against faith-based communities but will also set a precedent nationwide. Modern hospice and palliative care are rooted in Christian moral teachings, and in the practice of religious congregations for nearly 2,000 years. Due to the overreach of this authoritarian government, it appears that nothing is sacred anymore.

Once the government gains control of this facility, they will re-open it as a state-run operation that commits euthanasia on palliative care patients. As a point of interest, there is a euthanasia facility directly next door to the Hospice for those who choose to end their life in this manner.

Because the government has reneged on their end of a longstanding agreement, the DHS has decided to reaffirm its Christian identity and has asked its membership to vote for an amended constitution and new bylaws that will allow it to become a Christian Society for future endeavors. The voting will close on June 26, 2020.  Visit for more info.

Ms. Ireland made the following statement, “Becoming faith based would be an affirmation of a philosophy that asserts the protection of life from euthanasia. We will continue to provide compassionate care and support for persons in the last stages of living, so that they may live as fully and comfortably as possible, until their natural death.”

Campaign Life Coalition created the following automated Action Alert Email for people who live in BC to send a message to their MLA (Click Here), urging them to stop the persecution of the Delta Hospice Society and the planned theft of its assets. 

Please share this email with your contacts in BC. If you do not live in BC, please consider signing and sending the letter below (or write your own) to the BC Health Minister and MLAs as this decision will set a precedent for all provinces. (E-mail list click here). 

In closing, on May 29Minister Adrian Dix released a statement confirming his decision to terminate the government’s contract with the Delta Hospice SocietyRead Here   Dix stated, “This decision to end this contract is final and will not change.”

What more can we do in response to the NDP’s authoritarian measures? We can work to ensure that the NDP lose every seat they currently hold at every level of government. The NDP’s platform is a top-down initiative supported by every elected official in the party. They lost half their seats in the last federal election and experienced the same response provincially in Alberta. Together we can defeat this dwindling regime.  

Thank you and God Bless Canada!

The team @ Action4Canada

Dear Honourable Adrian Dix and BC MLAs,

It has come to my attention that the BC NDP government, in what appears to be an authoritarian quest for power, has decided to target the privately run Irene Thomas Hospice and not only cancel the government funding grant but also attempt to seize their private assets. The building was paid for with approximately $9 million in private donations raised by the society. 

This is a reprehensible act. Not only does it violate the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, including conscience rights, it is totally uncalled for given that euthanasia is available at a facility next door. 

This appears to be a spiteful attack against the convictions and sensibilities of those who do not share the NDP’s ideology in playing God and taking life.

I request that you rescind this decision, and in so doing show respect for the Canadian Constitution and the freedoms our forefathers fought, and courageously, died for. 

Communism and human rights violations have no place in Canada, and we will remember those who wear them like a badge of honour come the next election. 

Yours truly,