Assert Your Rights and do NOT Give in to the Tyranny

Assert Your Rights and do NOT Give into the Tyranny 

Review the following information. Your freedom relies on it.

Freedom is Yours for the Taking!

Tanya does not mince words when she proclaims what this nation is founded on and why it is critical Canadians embrace and defend it. In continuing to expose the corruption publicly we are calling on all Canadians to do likewise. Crimes against humanity are being perpetrated and Action4Canada is receiving calls and messages daily from people who are reporting severe reactions, including death, after taking the jab.

This is straight up murder as the government intentionally injects citizens with this deadly jab while they withhold safe, alternative, treatments that are effectively saving lives around the world.

Testimony of the Injected! Rejected!
Left to Suffer Hellishly on their Own!

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This is why Action4Canada is fighting ferociously on behalf of Canadians, especially our children, against an injection that was specifically created to kill and destroy the lives of citizens globally. Heads need to roll and everyone behind this MUST be held to account. Silence is compliance.

All A4C Notices of Liability Have Been Updated

In response to the government once again moving the goal posts, Action4Canada has updated all of the Notices of Liability, to counter their bogus VaxPasses and their outright lies claiming the jab is “mandatory”, and we have also created two new ones (see below).

The fact of the matter is that vaccines remain 100% voluntary in Canada. Even if the government attempts to mandate it, there is no law, nor can there be, as it is a violation of Human Rights and International Agreements. ANYONE infringing on human rights is putting themselves personally at risk of a civil lawsuit for damages, and potential imprisonment, by attempting to impose ANY vaccine including the COVID-19 experimental injections. Canadian law has long recognized that individuals have the right to control what happens to their bodies.

 Two New Notices of Liability

Hockey, Soccer, Ballet, Gymnastics, Etc.

Take action and inform all individuals overseeing minor sports and performing arts that they have absolutely no authority or jurisdiction to prescribe medical treatments and that they must cease and desist or be held personally, civilly, and criminally liable for any injury or death that may occur from taking the experimental injection. View NOL pdf.

Serve: Public Health Nurses, Physicians, Pharmacists, Firefighters, Etc.

During the Nuremberg Trials, “I was just following orders” was not a legitimate defense. People were found guilty and either executed or imprisoned for life.

Everyone administering the injections has a duty to be informed, and to ensure INFORMED CONSENT.

The Federal Emergency Act was NEVER invoked, the provincial orders were passed unlawfully, and, therefore, the experimental “vaccine” should never have been approved for use on the public. Tens of thousands of deaths are being reported from taking the jab. The usual protocol is that if a vaccine causes 50 deaths it is immediately pulled from the market. But the government, health officers and the media have been completely silent in reporting the severe reactions, including death, and instead are continuing to promote the “jab” at warp speed. 

Medical professionals took an oath to first do no harm. They MUST be held to account. View NOL pdf.

Dr. Julie Ponesse

Federal Gov’t HHS Whistleblower goes Public with Secret Recordings.
They “Shove” Adverse Effect Reporting “Under the Mat”

Governments around the world have declared WAR against their people. But let us be very clear, anyone perpetrating these crimes against humanity WILL be held to account.

Action4Canada is committed to exposing their agenda and demanding justice. Their plans are being interrupted as Canadians become emboldened and equipped to assert their rights through the resources A4C is making available to the public.

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God Bless you and God Bless Canada!

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