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February 24, 2021

Freedom of Religion is Essential!

Since the onset of the so-called pandemic, beginning in early 2020, Action4Canada has been working to expose the misinformation and lies surrounding the virus labelled Covid-19. This virus, which is a treatable respiratory illness, has been a tool used to tear at the very core of our nation destroying people’s livelihoods, relationships, and tragically causing 10 times the death rate as a consequence of the lockdown measures, rather than the virus itself. A significant aspect of the attack against our civil liberties and Charter rights is the war declared against the church. The cornerstone and bedrock of our free and democratic society. 

On February 18, 2021 Action4Canada presented a webinar to help educate and equip pastors and church leaders to navigate these unprecedented times and to assist in fully opening the churches. The webinar is now available. It covers guaranteed Constitutional rights, manipulation techniques to disempower citizens, how to manage interactions with government agents/police, and resources to support church leaders in opening.

We request that you share the webinar and also consider making a donation toward the ongoing work of Action4Canada to help with producing these resources and toward our Constitutional legal action against the federal and BC governments. 

In response to the webinar we have received positive feedback from pastors across the nation who are ready and willing to open. This will be welcome news to the pastors who are already on the frontlines exercising their civil liberties. They have been willing to accept the tickets and whatever other consequences may come, including imprisonment, in defense of our guaranteed right to the freedom of religion and association in Canada. Freedoms which are hanging in the balance and may never be recovered if we do not act. 

James Coates is a prime example of a pastor who is willing to give his all for the cause of Christ. Pastor Coates was arrested and spent the past week in jail awaiting a court appearance on Wednesday, Feb. 24th, at which time the court set a trial date for May 3. The court further said, “it will reconvene with lawyers on March 5 for a case management plan.”

Pastor Coates’ church wrote a compelling letter in response to his arrest and outline the reasons why the church decided to be faithful to the Lord, and to their community, and keep their doors open. LifeSiteNews also launched a letter campaign calling on MP’s to “defend the rights of people of faith in Canada.” Please participate in this vital Call to Action. 

We are in a Spiritual battle of epic proportions and it is time for the church to rise up.

We are calling on clergy, congregations, and all Canadians to support opening the churches and to sign and send the Freedom and Rights Declaration notifying the Premiers and Health Officers that we will no longer comply with Orders that are unlawful, inconsistent, irrational, causing irreparable harm, and in violation of the Constitution. 

Thank you and God bless Canada.

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Disclaimer:  This information is not intended to be used as legal or health advice. We encourage you to do your own research.