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Canadian Rights and Freedoms – Clergyman


Click PDF to access a printable copy of the churches guaranteed Rights and Freedoms &

Section  176 (1-3) of the Criminal Code, specifically protecting clergyman

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Next... Sign and Send the Freedom and Rights Declaration advising Health Officers that the church will no longer comply with orders that are inconsistent, irrational, unlawful, and in violation of our “guaranteed” Constitutional rights. Please share with your congregation and request they sign and send the document as well.

Provincial Email Contact Lists:

Dealing with law enforcement: 

If the RCMP/Municipal Police are surveillancing, harassing, interfering with, or bullying clergyman and parishioners than a complaint should be filed.

File a complaint with the federal RCMP Commissioner of Complaints

File a complaint with the local detachment. Click the following link and input your postal code to find detachment.


Trespass Notice: Print and display at entrance to property PDF COPY

Disclaimer:  This information is not intended to be used as legal or health advise. We encourage you to do your own research.

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