May 1, 2020

Part 1 – Gun Ban

Thank you! to everyone who responded to the Call To Action against the gun ban prohibition.

Trudeau once again ignored the public outcry and went ahead with his assignment from the UN.  This is why the Liberals fell from a majority to a minority in the last election and this is why we will continue to work hard to bring awareness to their totalitarian policies in an effort to make them extinct by the next election.

Trudeau is deceptively using inflated language, “military assault rifles”, to cause fear and advance his agenda.  Rod Giltaca from the CCFR corrects Trudeau stating, “they are semi-automatic rifles and they have been in Canada for over 100 years”.  Giltaca confirms Trudeau has missed the mark on reducing violence and he of course targets the wrong people”.  View Here

The FBI reported that violent crime and homicides declined in 2018  and research reflects that violent crime and property crime decrease significantly when concealed carry is increased. Seizing firearms from law abiding citizens does not get guns out of the hands of criminals but only increases transactions in the black market and leaves law abiding gun owners disarmed and unable to protect themselves, and their families, against criminals or potential State authoritarian abuse.

Question:  If a law abiding gun owner was permitted to carry a firearm in Nova Scotia, could lives have been saved?

Trudeau is not missing a beat and already announced he will continue to work with cities to ban handguns.  Even though the top cops in the nation have advised him that banning guns will ‘not’ change the threat level one iota“.

Is this a good reason to come out and Rally?


Part 2 – Radical Political LGBTQ

Great News  –  The UK government moves to ban hormone blockers and sex reassignment surgery to protect youth.

More good news –  Hungary seeks to clamp down on transgender rights  – legal documents to show “sex at birth”

In the United States nine state legislatures have tabled bills to prohibit the “sterilization and mutilation of minors” (under the age of 18).  Doctors could face jail time and fines if they provide puberty blocking drugs.  MissouriFloridaIllinoisOklahomaColoradoSouth CarolinaKentuckySouth Dakota and Idaho

Electing good common sense leaders makes a difference.

Meanwhile, in Canada, Trudeau pushes Bill C-8 to ban so called Conversion Therapy.  Conversion Therapy has not existed in Canada for over 40 years but Trudeau and his cohorts are using deceptive language to create sympathy for non-existent victims.  The true intent is is to ban restorative therapy for young people who are questioning their biological sex or sexual attraction and only promote therapy that will move them toward harmful hormone blockers and mutilating surgery.  Bill C-8 is a serious attack against parental rights and the the Church as any council given to a minor which does not ‘support’ gender dysphoria will be considered a criminal offense and punishable up to 5 years in prison.

David Cooke with CLC does an excellent job of explaining it further in this petition and moves to reject Bill C-8 and instead “ban the horrific and cruel practice of child sex-change in Canada”.


Is this a good reason to come out and Rally?


Part 3 – Political Islam

Trudeau’s assault against Canadian sovereignty also comes in the form of the open Islamization of our Nation.  The PM made his position firm when he backed Motion M-103 silencing any opposition to Islam.  The reason we are including this matter in the current update is due to Islamists using the Covid 19 lock down to further their agenda.  Several Canadian cities were approached by Islamists requesting noise by-laws be set aside to allow “calls to prayer” via loud speakers throughout the “month” of Ramadan.  This has rightfully horrified Canadians who fled Islamic nations because of Islamic persecution, terror and war and is very upsetting to anyone who is aware of the threat that Islam poses on the West.  “Allah is greater, there is no god but Allah”

Islam silences opposition through self-victimization and calling for countries to implement ‘Islamophobia” motions (Motion M-103).  Than they begin to push the envelope and scream Isalmophobia at the slightest opposition.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Explanatory Memorandum instructs Islamists to infiltrate North America via silent jihad, out populate via birth rates and enter key positions .  For example there are allegedly eight MP’s in the liberal party with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and an Islamist, allegedly, on the Board of the Peel Police (Must Watch)  The Memorandum also lists organizations which are currently active in Canada, such as the Muslim Student Association (who have MSA groups in universities and colleges across Canada) and the ISNA.  For further information review the Rise of Islam in Canada.

The National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians recently reported Canada is under significant threat.  Not only from foreign interference but domestic.  MP McGuinty said he spoke to the Prime Minister personally about the committee’s findings.  Is there any evidence the PM is taking action against China, Saudi Arabia or the UN and limiting their influence in Canada?

The UN have a working alliance with the Chinese Communist Party as well as the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.  The UN council is heavily Sharia compliant.  Therefore, the UN is promoting open borders and flooding Western nations with Islamists worldwide.  In signing the Global Compact on migration Trudeau openly turned his back on Canadians.

It is no longer a “silent” jihad as the noisy calls to prayer proclaim war on Canada.  The Islamists have not come to embrace Canadian values but to replace them.

Is this a good reason to come out and rally?