Is Canadian Law Enforcement Facilitating Fascism? The short answer: Yes

The short answer is YES and the next question is, can anything be done about it?

For over a year and a half, Action4Canada has been calling on the BC RCMP to act and commence an investigation. Compelling evidence and factual information has been submitted, including a 25 page affidavit. Today we are making this information public. This Call to Action will also cover the steps that are being taken by other active and retired officers of the RCMP and provincial and municipal police.

To Serve and Protect in the Face of Tyranny

When: November 10th, 2021 5:30pm PST/8:30pm EST Register in advance

We are pleased to once again have VINCENT GIRCYS as our special guest speaker on this week’s EMPOWER HOUR. Vincent is a retired 32 year veteran of the Ontario Provincial Police; he has a wealth of experience in Criminal Investigations and as an expert witness in Forensic Reconstruction. Vincent is a National Representative of Police for Freedom, an international movement committed to improving societal wellbeing for all people, including members of the police, firefighters, security personnel, and the military.  He is also a representative of the World Council for Health. Read More

 RCMP Remove Citizens from Public Council Meeting

Tanya Gaw, along with several other citizens attended a public council meeting and were scheduled to speak. But due to not wearing masks the mayor shut down the meeting and called the RCMP. While waiting 45 mins for the RCMP to arrive Tanya caught several of the council members sitting close together socializing – neither following social distancing protocols nor wearing masks.

When the RCMP arrived they were disinterested in the hypocrisy of the council, and unaware of the Orders and the BC Human Rights Commissioner’s instructions that people with exemptions are to be respected.

Every officer was in violation of their oath and oblivious to the fact that no Order, Statute, Act, By-Law or mandate can supersede citizen’s guaranteed rights provided by the Constitution and Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Andy, Action4Canada’s Ridgemeadow Chapter Leader,  took the opportunity to serve the mayor and council with the Notice of Liability before exiting the building.

Fun Fact: The Council members had all been double jabbed, and the mayor three times. What will it take before they feel safe?

Police: Turning a Blind Eye to Government Corruption?

Request for Investigation: Deferred

Canadians have lost faith in law enforcement. It is not difficult to understand why as we witness the Constitution, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Rule of Law being desecrated and abandoned. The following account was written by Tanya Gaw, outlining her journey over the past year and a half, calling on the BC RCMP to commence an investigation against the BC Health Officer and provincial government for criminal negligence, breach of trust, inciting hate, extortion, fraud and crimes against humanity.

In addition to filing the Statement of Claim against the BC and federal government on August 17, 2021, Tanya filed a 25 page Affidavit on August 30, 2021 as further evidence to support the request for an investigation. Read More

I Will Not Comply!

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