The Canadian Systemic Racism Ruse: Truth and Revelation

In the video presentation above Tanya Gaw, founder of Action4Canada, provides an in-depth review of the following report and exposes the corruption and links between the so-called Truth and Reconciliation campaign, UNDRIP and the Global Agenda. This is a battle over property rights, land grabs, our water, resources, money and to control all humans. The ultimate goal is, as Klaus Schwab has proclaimed, ‘you will be happy and own nothing”.

Special note: the following report does not deny that there were native children who were removed from their homes, attended the Residential schools and experienced abuse at the hands of morally corrupt individuals who were in charge of their care.

Every race and every culture have horrific stories of how their ancestors were treated, including the Europeans whose homes were bombed and destroyed, and so many lives lost, as a result of the second world war. This does not minimize any situation but it is important that we have a proper perspective and understanding that life is hard for many people. None have received as much attention, preferential treatment and financial reparation as the natives and it is time to move on. 

The following report is in support of these statements, including the video below of Tanya Gaw, the founder of Action4Canada, providing information about the real agenda behind the Truth and Reconciliation crusade.

This report provides a ‘balance’ to the ongoing false narratives behind the Truth and Reconciliation campaign, the missing and murdered women and girls, and accusations of “mass graves and genocide of Indigenous people”. It also exposes the multi-BILLIONS of dollars that the government has, and continues to give to the natives, tax-free and at the expense of non-native, taxpaying citizens.

It will further reveal that there is a much bigger agenda at play behind so-called Truth and Reconciliation. The reality is that this is a psyop. The Truth and Reconciliation mantra is being used as a weapon to oppress, malign, shame, denigrate and attack Canadians (Christians, Catholics and people of European decent) with the end goal facilitating a massive wealth transfer, controlling our resources and robbing citizens of their sovereignty and land rights.

Trudeau has fuelled this campaign that is built on lies and misinformation, to cause division and conflict. He is using the natives as pawns and exploiting them to advance the WEF/UN’s Agenda 2030 land and resource grab. The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People (UNDRIP) was developed to leverage control of land by claiming that Canadians are on stolen land or a now more familiar phrase, on unceded territory. The actions of the Government and the Chiefs involved in this charade are unlawful and the treaties being secretly negotiated are in violation of the Constitution, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Coronation Oath and therefore must be immediately revoked.

The decades of victimhood, and lies perpetuated by the Native community about white people and Christians committing mass genocide and murdering indigenous women and girls is over. There are copious amounts of evidence to prove that there are no mass graves and that the natives are responsible for the majority of violence against native women and girls.

The truth and reconciliation subterfuge is coming to an end and so must all treaties, agreements, financial support and handouts.

2023 Budget: Indigenous Funding

In the 2023 Budget, the federal government is continuing to build on the progress we have made together since 2015 on walking the path of truth and reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples…” “Budget 2023 will help everyone share in the opportunities and prosperity that Canada provides.”

Prosperity for everyone? Canadians have paid over $103 billion to the natives since 2015. Never mind the billions we paid prior to that. We are far beyond reconciled. Canadians must contact their MP’s and demand an end to this wealth transfer. This must become an election issue municipally, provincially and federally.

  • $23 Billion agreement to compensate First Nations children and families;
  • $4.9 billion to enhance and reform services for Indigenous children, expand Indigenous-led mental wellness services, and support communities as they respond to and heal from the ongoing impact of residential schools;
  • $4.3 billion over seven years to build and repair housing in Indigenous communities;
  • $1.6 billion over five years, starting in 2023-24, to implement Canada’s first National Adaptation Strategy;
  • $1.1 billion to conserve and protect nature in Canada and around the world, including $800 million to support up to four Indigenous-led conservation initiatives.

Since 2015 Trudeau has paid over $68.6 billion to the natives.

Total funding to natives since 2015 = over $103 BILLION! But wait, there’s more….

Add this: Another $10B settlement was reached in landmark First Nation treaty case. Negotiations are apparently ongoing as the Supreme Court of Canada is being asked to order financial redress worth as much as $126-billion to First Nations in Northern Ontario. Chief Dean Sayers says, “This is only a first step. The proposed agreement only deals with past annuities.”

Government Report 2023: Missing and Murdered Women

  • In most cases, the person accused of the homicide was also Indigenous (86%).
  • Indigenous people are given three years less prison time than white people, for the same crime.
  • Since 1999, judges have been compelled to give Indigenous criminals lighter sentences because of the general hardships of growing up Indigenous. 

Report: Too Many Indigenous Men Abuse Too Many Indigenous Women

Until Indigenous men are held to the same standards as everyone else, nothing will change.”


Lorne Gunter provides a report on the results Statistics Canada recently released for the murders of Indigenous women and girls. It should have a significant impact on public policy in Canada, but almost certainly won’t because it conflicts with the “woke” narrative about who murders Indigenous women and why.

The report has several fascinating findings, but here is the key one: In most cases (86%), “the person accused of their homicide was also Indigenous.” In short, most murdered Indigenous women were killed by Indigenous men (and occasionally another Indigenous woman).

Gunter reminds us that the final report of the $54-million MMIWG inquiry came out in 2019, perpetuated the “progressive” stereotypes that white men murdered most Indigenous victims and white police did almost nothing about the crimes. The inquiry’s final report even called the situation “a Canadian genocide” and chief commissioner, Marion Buller, said there was a “deliberate, race, identity and gender-based genocide” going on in Canada against Indigenous women. 


Let’s Talk About the Mass Graves Hoax that Divided Our Nation

Canada Day was attacked as well Christians and our founding fathers. Sir John A. MacDonald statues were torn down and names of buildings were changed.

Watch this additional documentary exposing this egregious hoax.

“It scandalized a nation. It outraged a pope and a prime minister. It gave birth to a new national holiday. And it was a fraud.”


The fact is there is no evidence to support the genocide or murder of Indigenous children or adults, and no “mass graves”. Thank God.

You would think this would be something to celebrate but sadly it is instead an inconvenient truth to those who fostered these lies, as they are the foundation of their hate campaign against white people and they attack anyone who dares to expose it. Are they really interested in “truth” and reconciliation or is there another agenda at play? Read on to learn more.

The Government is threatening to implement legislation against “denialsim” of so-called residential school deniers but this has nothing to do with the schools; it is about the grave sites. The Government’s tactic is driven by manipulating emotions so they use false and inflammatory language in an effort to maintain control. Such as, “Denialism is violence. Denialism is calculated. Denialism is harmful. Denialism is hate.”

$8 MILLION Dollars Spent on Mass Grave Hoax in Kamloops

May 9, 2024: Canadian taxpayers were forced to pay a whopping $7.9 million to excavate the so-called unmarked graves at the Indian Residential School in Kamloops, BC, in response to First Nation’s outcry in 2021 claiming there were murdered indigenous children. The whole scandal was a hoax and not one body was discovered or any evidence of foul play. Now the question remains, where did the $7.9 million go? Apparently that information isn’t being released under the Access to Information Act.

In 2021, Cabinet lowered the Peace Tower flag at half mast for 161 days, approved $3.1 million for a national Residential Schools Student Death Register and another $238.8 million for a Residential Schools Missing Children Community Support Fund.

Canadians are fed up with our tax dollars being used to payout tens of billions of dollars to this community who have no respect for us or appreciation for what we have done for them. Not good form to bite the hand that feeds you so it is long overdue to revoke treaties, cease and desist all further funding and to expose the UN’s plan to use the natives as pawns and UNDRIP, to advance their nefarious agenda to steal citizens’ land and our resources. 

Is an Apology to Christians Forthcoming? Nope!

In 2021, the news about the purported residential school mass graves fuelled a wave of unprecedented attacks against Catholic and Protestant churches and also ignited a rise in anti-Christian and anti-Catholic sentiment. In June 2021 it was reported by The Federalist that tribal leaders “compared the priests and nuns who ran the boarding schools to Nazis,” and said the discovery was evidence of “mass murder of indigenous people,” that it was an “attempted genocide.” These reckless statements, along with Trudeau’s support, fanned the flames and attacks which resulted in 83 churches nationwide being vandalized and burned to the ground, most of them Catholic and some of them more than a century old. 

Is an apology forthcoming? It does not appear so. On October 24, 2023 at the INAN committee meeting a motion was brought forward to condemn the vandalism and burning of the churches however, it was struck down by Liberal and NDP MP’s.

83 Churches Vandalized and Burned Down

If it Looks Like a Duck and Quacks Like a Duck, it is a Duck

Ken Watts, elected Tseshaht chief councillor

On October 12, Tanya Gaw, Founder of Action4Canada, posted on Twitter about the govt’s results on the missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls. As stated above, in most cases, the person accused of the homicide was also Indigenous (86%). A couple of weeks later Tanya was on a speaking tour on Vancouver Island when Ken Watts, elected Tseshaht Chief councillor in Port Alberni, released a public statement attacking Tanya and Action4Canada and attempted to shut down her speaking engagement. Watts didn’t hesitate to pull the hate and racism card but with no evidence to back up his statement. He spewed misinformation and neglected to provide the details of Tanya’s post so that people would have the opportunity to understand the situation in its proper context. In so doing he incited a hate campaign, Tanya, Action4Canada, local residents and business owners were threatened and bullied. Read Tanya’s response to Watts’ letter and Watch Tanya’s presentation to learn more

Tanya’s post was admittedly a blunt statement but it was also factual, “It’s time to pull the plug and end the charade of the Truth and Reconciliation witch hunt. The graves are empty and indigenous violence is their own doing!”

Watts’ threats did not stop Tanya from attending the meeting in Port Alberni, it was merely moved to a new location.

When Tanya posted the comment, she was considering the ramifications of the decades old campaigns calling Canadians racist and the growing concerns about the Government and natives using the false accusations to implement Critical Race Theory (CRT) in the education system and also to advance the UNDRIP/WEF agenda.

The media of course got on board to help the natives do damage control and next thing you know more Chiefs were on board and amplifying the victim card, the racist card, the hate card, and whatever else they could pull from up their sleeves, all the while talking about the importance of being loving and inclusive. Their actions are shameful.

As Tanya began to research the Chiefs, she discovered that they all had something in common. There are negotiations going on with the BC and Federal Government, pushing for ‘Indigenous’ (AKA UN-DRIP) land rights, to gain control of our rich resources, water and to plunder more tax-dollars from hardworking Canadians. As examples, review the K’omoks Treaty Negotiations and the recently signed ‘non-binding’ nature conservation framework agreement. Theses deals that are being made basically declare non-Indigenous homeowners will be reduced to visitors on their own property and they are facilitating the WEF’s 2030 Agenda to gain control of our water and resources. The majority of Canadians are unaware of what is going on and its time to put a stop to it. It has become very evident that the Natives have much to lose as a result of the inconvenient truths being exposed.

The recent attacks against Tanya and Action4Canada very much resemble a witchhunt. Quacks like a duck, quacks like a duck. Would you agree?

Abuse of Power: Cancel Culture and Censorship

Social Credit Score

Environmental Social & Governance

Diversity Equity & Inclusion

Did you know that churches are now being evaluated based on their ESG and DEI score? It’s right out of the Chinese Communist playbook.

The Chiefs and the radical lgbtq lobby groups are using these scoring systems to advance radical ideologies and the 2030 Agenda.  They constantly scream foul when things aren’t going their way. The reality is that for the leftists, ESG and DEI are a one way street. There is no diversity of ideas or the willingness to respect a difference of opinion. No civil conversations to be had.

Their most recent assault is to lobby mayors and councils to prohibit churches from receiving ‘permissive tax exemptions‘ based on false allegations of bigotry, hate, spreading misinformation or “promoting a denialist political agenda“. No evidence required. Churches work hard in their communities feeding the homeless and providing care and support to individuals in need, including the indigenous community and the lgbtq. 

Municipalities who decide to discriminate against churches and deny them the tax exemption could find themselves in a costly legal battle for being in breach of ‘procedural fairness’ based on a 2021 Federal Court decision, Redeemer University College v Canada.

Lawyers arguing for Redeemer said the decision interfered with fundamental freedoms—those of freedom of conscience and religion, freedom of expression, and freedom of association—provided for in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Statement: Tomson Highway, Residential Schools

It is important to report both sides of a story. According to Tomson Highway he had a very positive experience along with many other children who, even though it was difficult to be separated from their families, were grateful to get an education that led to successful careers. Tomson Highway himself became an acclaimed author and playwright. Tomson also confirms that many children died of tuberculosis, which also affected white children.

Report: Why Canada didn’t close the schools…and it’s not what you might think, by Greg Piasetzki

Indigenous children at a residential school, 1950s. Writer Greg Piasetzki opines that the schools lasted as long as they did because in later years, children were there for other reasons than education. Western Standard files

Excerpt…. In 1948, a report of another federal committee went even further and recommended that “wherever and whenever possible Indian children should be educated in association with other children.” That is, they should attend provincially-run public schools alongside the rest of Canada’s school-age population. Ottawa then essentially froze enrollment at its residentials schools in anticipation of shutting them down shortly.

And yet Canada’s last residential school didn’t close its doors until 1996, nearly half a century later. Why did these schools — now widely accused of perpetrating a genocide on Canada’s indigenous population — stay open so long after Ottawa wanted to shut them down?

Answer: Because Ottawa wasn’t prepared to abandon vulnerable native children.

Read the entire article Here

UNDRIP stipulates that Canada must implement “foreign” standards based on “lasting reconciliation, healing and cooperative relations.”

UNDRIP is masked as a Human Rights initiative but it is part of a chess game being unfolded by the globalists to strategically take control of our incredible resources which are the envy of the world. Taking away our land is an incremental step toward their ultimate goal. Read the government’s sales pitch on Implementing the UNDRIP Act. It is a real piece of work and you don’t even have to read between the lines to see what the ultimate plan is. Up front it looks like a great deal for the Indigenous people but if we consider Trudeau’s treatment of the natives since 2015 the evidence is overwhelming that he does not genuinely have their interests at heart. The UN’s agenda is clearly identified throughout UNDRIP.

The bible warns us not to sign treaties when you enter a land and for good reason and it is imperative that all treaties be revoked and that Canada pull out of the UN. “Be careful not to make a treaty with those who live in the land where you are going, or they will be a snare among you.” Exodus 34:1

UNDRIP. The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. It’s being sold to the world as a human rights movement, a means to free indigenous people from poverty, discrimination and a lifetime of physical and substance abuse – the sad reality for a large majority of them. In truth, it’s a weapon being used to undermine the sovereignty of UN member countries, to control their resources, and to put political power into the hands of the globalists.

UNDRIP Act, Article 26, specifically states that indigenous people have the right to lands, territories and resources.” Indigenous Natural Resources Partnership (INRP) Program

The Liberal Government is aggressively moving forward with UNDRIP regardless of the fact that six provinces opposed the legislationciting concerns that it would impact provincial laws and jurisdiction.

Contact your MPs/MLAs/MPPs and oppose UNDRIP!

Did You Know the Citizen Act Was Amended in 2021?

On June 21, 2021, an Act to amend the Citizenship Act received Royal Assent. This act inserts new language into the Oath of Citizenship that refers to the Aboriginal and treaty rights of First Nations, Inuit and Metis peoples. The amendment is #94 of the “Government of Canada’s progress in responding to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) 94 Calls to Action.”

Text of the new Oath of Citizenship” “I swear (or affirm) that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, Queen of Canada, Her Heirs and Successors, and that I will faithfully observe the laws of Canada, including the Constitution, which recognizes and affirms the Aboriginal and treaty rights of First Nations, Inuit and Métis Peoples, and fulfill my duties as a Canadian citizen.

Land Acknowledgements: Stop Feeding the Beast

The natives never formed a commonwealth or established a prosperous nation. In fact, they have lived off the backs of hard-working Canadians. 

It is important to understand that the natives immigrated to Canada as well, and when the Europeans arrived there were over 600 hundred tribes that were all infighting and as Chief Kenny Blacksmith said a few years ago, “and they still are today” (egExhibit A / Exhibit B )

By continuing to entertain the myth that Europeans ‘stole’ land from the Natives it is perpetuating a much larger problem and in the meantime these unlawful and non-binding agreements are emboldening the Natives and giving them the impression that they have more authority then they actually do. (eg. Truckers Convoy/Notice of Trespass)

Lorne Gunter wrote a report, A Misunderstanding over Indigenous Sovereignty, and accurately said, “But the current gross misunderstanding of just what Indigenous “sovereignty” means comes mostly from myths and fallacies First Nations have told themselves over the last three or four decades; myths and fallacies that have been encouraged and reinforced by politically correct politicians, academics, activists and judges.”

A little more history. In the 1990s, land acknowledgments were part of internal protocol amongst First Nations to acknowledge whose territory they were on. It became more widely recited by non-Indigenous people after the release of the 2015 Truth and Reconciliation Commission report and has been used ad nauseam ever since. Political correctness and social justice is fuelling this beast but at the core of it is a Marxist/global agenda seeking global control.

Heretical Treason!

Bonnie Henry describes herself as a “White Settler” and Dr. Kate Jongbloed refers to herself as a “White Occupier”. 

Quite appalling that the PHO has decided to politicize her office to support a radical social justice campaign while thousands of nurses and doctors are out of work. I think we can agree that she needs to re-check her priorities. 

Check out the BC Health Officer, Bonnie Henry’s statement and “Rights Acknowledgement”. Do you see how the UN, with the support of our provincial and federal governments are unlawfully interfering with our democracy and making proclamations that are in violation of the Canadian Constitution, Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Coronation Oath?

The title alone is despicable and manipulative. If Henry is admitting she is a racist then she should be removed as PHO, but if she is speaking for the rest of us, then she owes Canadians an apology and needs to delete this page. It is heretical treason. This nation is founded on Christian principles upheld by our rule of law.

Proclamation, “We acknowledge with respect the inherent rights of the First Nations whose ancestral territories cover every inch of the province now known as British Columbia, including their unextinguished land rights and rights to self-determination, health, and wellness within these territories. Laws and governance systems rooted in the land have upheld the sovereignty of these diverse Nations for thousands of years. The rights and responsibilities of First Nations to their ancestral territories have never been ceded or surrendered, and are upheld in provincial, national, and international law. 

We also recognize that many Indigenous Peoples (First Nations, Métis, and Inuit) from elsewhere in what is now known as Canada and beyond also call these lands and waters home, and they too have inherent Indigenous rights to self-determination, health, and wellness.”

Sadly, the PHO’s office isn’t the extent of it. This propaganda has crept into society and land acknowledgements and vitriol regarding colonialism and white privilege is being spouted at municipal meetings, in the media, the classroom and more. Citizens are even being forced to agree with land acknowledgements by woke school boards who are overstepping their authority in order to attend meetings. This is in violation of Canadians’ Charter of Rights and Freedoms, such as the freedom of thought and belief. 

In addition, a School Principal in Ontario accidently sent a letter which was meant for teachers to parents. The letter included a link to a Cultural Humility Self-Reflection Tool” that the teachers were to fill out. Teachers are being told to agree that they must, “explicitly decentre whiteness” because “racism and white supremacy” persist today as historical legacies of colonialism and slavery.

Where would Canada be if it weren’t for the Europeans and our founding forefathers, who formed this nation? How blessed we have been because of them and we cannot sit back and allow this truth to be erased from our history.

If you are silent and do not oppose these treaties and agreements then you are in a tacit agreement with them. Therefore, it is critical that you rise up in opposition and demand the government revoke them! Canadians’ land rights are also protected under the the Constitution, Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Coronation Oath.

Tacit refers to something done or made in silence, as in a tacit agreement. A tacit understanding is manifested by the fact that no contradiction or objection is made and is thus inferred from the situation and the circumstances. 

In closing, some food for thought: Is anyone asking why it is that the UN is fixated on Canada and Christian western nations? Why it is that they are not pressuring the 56 Islamic majority countries to give back the land they brutally subjugated from the Christians? Is anyone comparing how the Europeans entered Canada compared to how the Islamists took over other countries? Islamists invaded nations by violently murdering, raping, and beheading compared to the Europeans who came in trading and signing treaties with the Natives.

Do you believe it is time for the government and the Native communities to apologize to Canadian citizens and to cease and desist all gratuitous funding? Every able bodied Canadian should be expected to work for their own livelihood.

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