Corruption: The Known Dangers of Rapid Tests

There is NO question about it, the Rapid Antigen Tests (RATs) contain toxic ingredients that are very harmful to children, adults, pets and the environment. Health Canada’s website clearly warns that the tests contain toxic chemicals and should be kept out of the reach of children and pets. The video above is evidence that a Canadian manufacturer, Artron, is attempting to avoid disclosing these ingredients. A call to Health Canada resulted in the same non-disclosure. Read more.

Corruption: Investigative Reporter Exposing the Dangers

When: Wednesday, May 25th, 2022 4:45pm PST/7:45pm EST Register in Advance

This week, independent investigative reporter Andy Lee provides shocking details about the Rapid Antigen Tests that the Government, Health Canada and the producers/distributors of the tests are neglecting to tell the public.

Andy exposes Rapid Test manufacturers who are not only allegedly mistreating their employees but who are also receiving shipments of the tests from China and assembling them in Canada, whilst claiming they are “Made in Canada.” It is well known that many Canadians are concerned about anything produced in China especially when it comes to chemical warfare. So why is the government intentionally deceiving the public on all things Rapid Testing?

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Corruption: Health Canada

Are you aware that Health Canada and the Federal Government are deceiving Canadians and putting lives and the environment at risk?

Rapid Antigen Tests pose a threat due the bio-hazardous substances they contain. Health Canada has already had to issue a recall due to 50 calls to poison control centres. Due to some of the tests not disclosing the full list of toxic chemicals that they contain, it is impossibe for users to have fully informed consent. Further, Rapid Antigen Tests should only be administered by a trained healthcare professional in a healthcare facility such as a clinic. Not in a home, or a classroom, or at the airport, or at the border. These tests are not for use by the general public and this is explicitly stated on the product inserts, yet they are being given out to Canadians at an alarming rate.

Corruption: Unions

Former national president Jerry Dias, head of Canada’s largest union, allegedly accepted $50,000 from a supplier of COVID-19 rapid test kits that he promoted to employers of Unifor members, several of whom bulk purchased those test kits.

After an internal investigation, Unifor national secretary-treasurer Lana Payne said Dias stands charged with violating the code of ethics and democratic practices of the Unifor constitution. Is this why Dias refused to defend employees right to bodily autonomy? How many other union leaders have accepted bribes or enriched themselves like this?

Corruption: Money Making Business

COVID testing is a money-making business all at the expense, both literally and personally, of Canadian citizens. Due to the Government’s extortion and racketeering scheme, taxpayers are footing the bill and paying a high price financially, physically, mentally, emotionally and environmentally.

As of March 17, 2022 the Government’s reported Rapid Test agreements with suppliers totals 603,384,488 units. The Government has also put in place contracts exceeding FOUR BILLION Dollars, of your hard earned money, for these useless and dangerous tests that they are forcing on Canadians. 

It is Illegal to Force COVID Rapid Testing

Notice of Liability: Rapid Antigen Testing

It is unlawful to force anyone to test or undergo a medical procedure, and it is unlawful to threaten anyone with loss of employment, services or mobility for refusing to be tested. Use Action4Canada’s Notices of Liability, Template Letter, and Fact Sheet to successfully inform and serve your employer, school or government facility today!

 A4C in an Award Winning Documentary

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“For decades the freedoms of individuals have been robbed from them one step at a time–LOCKSTEP. Most people had no idea that this was occurring. It was the ‘boiling the frog’ in a saucepan approach, gradually, without anyone really noticing. COVID-19 and lockdowns were a ‘Godsend’ in many ways, as it opened up peoples’ eyes around the world and they became awake.”

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This week Ken Drysdale will be joining us. Ken is one of the authors of the “Investigation Into Criminal Allegations Concerning Pandemic Response.” This report contains indisputable evidence of the alleged crimes committed by our Government and other bad actors. The intention of the authors is for Canadians to submit this report to all Law Enforcement to ensure that they undertake their sworn duty to investigate and pursue criminal charges as required by the laws and statues of Canada. There will be a time of Q&A.  Register in advance for this meeting. 

Call to Action: Provide a copy to your local police and request they investigate. Also, deliver a copy to every elected official in your district or riding. 

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