Rally for Canada

May 9th and 10th

To Protect Canadian Sovereignty, Rights & Freedoms

And safely end the lock downs & get Canadians back to work!

Rally Times and Locations  

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Dear Friends,

The peaceful rallies last weekend were a great success.  The Vancouver Rally began several weeks ago with 25 people in attendance and has increased to 300.  The overpass rallies in BC had a great start and there is lots of interest to rally across the nation.  Vancouver,  Toronto,  Edmonton,  Calgary

People around the World are recognizing this is no normal lock down.  This is a global plan to control the masses and mandate a vaccine.  View Here

 John F Kennedy posed the question, 

“What is the point in surviving if our rights and freedoms do not survive with us?

So, please come and join the thousands of Canadians who refuse to give up their liberties, their rights, & their freedoms to fear and misinformation.

The following video explains in 3 minutes why the government-mandated Covid-19 lockdowns are ineffective and harmful.  Please take the time to watch it before accusing anyone of being reckless.  It is far more reckless to be willfully blind and uninformed.   View Here  If you are still unconvinced  Click Here

Action4Canada is working to create a Rally Page so we can post weekly updates.  What we need now is for people to step up and commit to organizing a rally in their community.  The overpasses and city halls are popular locations.  In response to last week’s request concerning organizing rallies, there was interest in the following locations, but we need leaders.  It is so easy…just show up with a few friends and family members, make a few signs, include a Canadian flag and that is all it takes…and others will join you.

  • Ontario – Kitchener, London, Burlington, Ottawa, Wellandport/Dunnville/Welland
  • Montreal, Qc
  • Vernon, BC

**If you are interested in organizing a rally then please send the details (time/location) to  [email protected]

Keep an eye on the rally link provided above as we will update it as we become aware of new locations.

Please Click Here for rally tips, sign suggestions and a “copy of Section 2 and Article 19” protecting your right to the freedom of expression and free speech (Print the page and bring it to the rallies to ensure your Rights are honoured if law enforcement or by-laws attempt to shut you down).  They must uphold and respect your Constitutional Rights.

Respect the social distancing restrictions so that we do not give the PM an excuse to enact “Martial Law”.  (Yes…I made an error last week in my haste to get the message out…and spelled it Marshal…oops.   Sorry, I will strive for perfection…but please do not hold me to it.  For to err is human…and I am oh so humbly human 🙂

The Reason We Rally…

Freedom of expression in Canada is protected as a “fundamental freedom” by Section 2 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and enshrined in Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The Magna Carta is called democracy’s birth certificate and is a powerful symbol of justice over tyranny.

Therefore, we rise in defence of it and refuse to allow tyrannical forces to disregard it!


Gun Ban – It is not only the public who are speaking up, but also law enforcement. Legal action is commencing!  Click Here

The Newfoundland government just gave sweeping powers to law enforcement to enter premises, stop vehicles and detain people….View Here

Trudeau is adamant on mandating a vaccine.  Vaccine safety and ties to autism and other harmful affects has been in question for many years.  In December 2019 WHO scientists had a summit meeting on the safety of vaccines and you will not believe what you hear.  View Here  Vaccines are a money making business and the WHO, CDC, Gates, Trudeau (etc.) are willing to use you as a human experiment, and risk the health & welfare of our children, to push their vaccine agenda.  A coronavirus vaccine has been in the works for decades.  But, NO safe vaccine has been developed that does not include significant risks.  The majority of people, over 90%, overcome Covid-19 on their own…so why is a vaccine being mandated costing billions of dollars.

This past week Trudeau gave $850 million to the WHO in response to their “Covid-19 fund raiser”.  They want to raise 8 billion and say it is only the beginning in fighting Covid-19.  Do you know any Canadians who could have benefited from $850 million?

New Brunswick will be voting next week on making vaccines mandatory for children. (Bill C-11) The bill would take away parents’ rights to resist vaccinations on religious, conscientious, or purely personal grounds.

Are you aware that in July of 2019 Dr. Xiangguo Qiu, her husband, and an unknown number of her students from China were removed from Canada’s only level-4 lab amid an RCMP investigation into what’s being described as a possible “policy breach.” View Here  The coronavirus was being researched in this lab.  So how long has the government really known that we were under threat of a potential bio-chemical weapon?

Are you aware that in March of 2020 MP McGuinty, chair of the National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians, stated Canada is under significant threat of foreign and “domestic” interference?  MP McGuinty confirms the threat comes from within our democratic institutions including academia and electoral institutions and are vulnerable to foreign actors who are seeking to covertly and inappropriately interfere or exert influence in Canada. China was named.  View Here

***Dr. Tam and the Prime Minister have been supportive of China (covering for them, sending supplies and millions of dollars in funding).  Why?

Are you beginning to see the bigger picture behind Covid-19 and the lockdown, the gun bans and mandated vaccines?

France, the USA, and Beijing protesters understand what is at stake.  Are Canadians there yet?  My prayer is that the efforts and updates from Action4Canada will help awaken the silent majority. We strive to educate, encourage, and equip you so that together we will change the course of this Nation.

Knowledge is power.  You have it, so please share it.

Thank you and God Bless Canada!

The Team @