Open the Church Easter 2021!

URGENT – We Will Gather!
Open the Churches Easter 2021

Dear Pastors, Church Leaders, and Fellow Canadians,

If you are receiving a message from Action4Canada for the first time, we are a grassroots organization who has been working for the past 5 1/2 years to protect faith, family and freedom in Canada.

In response to the unprecedented and extreme emergency measures and the targeted attack against the church, we have created resources and webinars to help equip, encourage and facilitate pastors and church leaders in fully opening their churches.

The reason for this Urgent message is to help create a National coalition of churches to unite and FULLY Open the Churches without restrictions on Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday. Action4Canada is partnering with Liberty Coalition Canada to encourage and assist pastors in doing so.

Please visit Liberty Coalition’s webpage and register your church: Click Here

The list of churches willing to open will be shared publicly and the goal is to encourage as many Canadians as possible to attend. As a means of further support, Police on Guard For Thee have offered to attend services to assist with any potential interference.

Please be sure to check out the resources designed to equip pastors in dealing with law enforcement, tickets, etc.

It is an indictable criminal offence to interfere with clergy according to 176 (1-3) of the criminal code. If a police officer is going to follow through with writing a ticket you may wish to inform them that the church will in turn file criminal charges against them. It is vital that these actions be taken by the church to ensure the rule of law is upheld and respected.

It is important to note that no tickets have been processed by the courts because they are in violation of the constitution. It is reported that the tickets are merely a scare tactic to force people to comply.

A No Trespass Notice is also available to print off and display at the entrance of your parking lot as well as on the door of your building.

Thank you and God Bless you,

the Team