A4C is on the front-line of winning the battle against the School Board Covid injection mandates!

Winning the Battle in Ontario Against School Board Tyranny!

On November 19th, 2021 Action4Canada Chapter Leader Paul Schillaci, along with Bryan Naylor and Rob Shortill, served the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board Trustees, and Superintendents, Notices of Liability. The NOL’s advised the officials of their personal liability if they were to vote in favour of mandating vaccinations for school staff.

Paul followed up with an email to the Trustees and Superintendents reminding them of their personal liability on December 11, just prior to a vote on the matter.

As a result, on December 13 the School Board voted 7-3 AGAINST mandating the COVID injection for employees!

A4C began the Campaign of serving Notices of Liability in May of 2021 and we are having incredible success across the nation as we mobilize Canadians.

In October we began a specific campaign against the School Board Trustees in BC, in response to the government instructing them to vote to force school staff to vaccinate or be put on unpaid leave. This campaign took off across the nation as thousands of A4C volunteers became involved through our Chapters nationwide...110 Chapters…and growing.

Thank you to all the Action4Canada leaders and volunteers who are committing their time and energy to support the A4C campaigns! Because of it thousands of lives and jobs are being saved!

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