Action4Canada is very pleased to advise you that we were successful in our appeal and will be filing the new Notice of Civil Claim.

Action4Canada is very pleased to advise you that we were successful on February 14, 2024 in having the Court of Appeal clarify Judge Ross’ statements and prohibitions against pursuing declaratory relief on matters that are essential to our case and challenging the heart of the offensive COVID-19 measures.

To clarify further, in August 2022 Judge Ross ruled against the defendant’s Motion to Strike our case but within that ruling decided that we needed to file a revised Notice of Civil Claim (NOCC) and he also made statements that appeared to strike critical evidence that is foundational to our case moving forward. The Appellants (A4C) made it clear that they were prepared to redraft a more concise NOCC. However, Action4Canada, and the other Plaintiffs, were not prepared to be hogtied by Judge Ross’ statements that in the fresh and amended NOCC would prohibit us from seeking certain relief. 

The British Columbia Court of Appeal clarified that those comments of Justice Ross were “obiter” (non-binding opinions) and not final determinations and as such we are not bound by them. They also confirmed that in our fresh pleading (NOCC), we can seek as we see fit whatever remedies are open to us in law, and this is exactly what we intend to do.

The Court of Appeals’ decision does state that our appeal was ‘dismissed’ but this is not a loss, it is a win. The very reason for the appeal was to ensure that we could use our evidence/facts moving forward and Rocco succeeded in doing a stellar job to make sure that happened. It was vital to file the appeal first before filing our new NOCC otherwise we very likely would have ended up in civil court finding out that Judge Ross’ comments were binding. This was a very important step to take in our legal challenge. Thank you Rocco!

We are working to file the new NOCC as soon as possible and will advise you once we have done so. This case is still active and will be going to trial.

Points of Interest

The original NOCC is 391 pages. In Judge Ross’ ruling in August 2022 he ruled that the NOCC was prolix (excessively long). This may be true and it may be longer then standard NOCC’s but we have to remember that our legal action doesn’t involve a single issue and it is not a matter surrounding a single defendant. A4C’s legal action covers a complex range of issues involving multiple defendants, provincially and federally, who partnered with unelected global leaders to implement unconstitutional polices that violated Canadian’s individual guaranteed rights and was/is an attack against our democracy. It would be impossible to provide the necessary evidence and details of such a claim in 25 pages and therefore, we made the decision to provide full and detailed information in order to get everything on record in the courts and we have achieved that goal.

Judge Ross’ decision allows for a new NOCC to be filed because it would appear that he agrees our case has merit. Below is a snapshot from the original NOCC. You can decide if you agree that we are on the right track in taking the legal position that COVID-19 is indeed a ‘global conspiracy’ and whether or not the federal and provincial governments’ response to COVID-19 was supported by science or had a constitutional foundation.


[4] …To give a sense of the breadth and nature of the allegations, the appellants’ “summary” of the factual basis of their claims includes (at 310–311, para. 283(d) of the notice of civil claim) the allegation that the federal and provincial responses to the COVID-19 pandemic violated the appellants’ “statutory and constitutional rights” because: … the “COVID-pandemic” was pre-planned, and executed, as a false pandemic, through the [World Health Organization], by Billionaire, Corporate, and Organizational Oligarchs the likes of Bill Gates, [Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization, now Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance], the [World Health Organization], and their former and current associates such as Theresa Tam and Bonnie Henry, the [World Economic Forum], and others, in order to install a New World (Economic) Order with:

(i) De facto elimination of small businesses;
(ii) Concentration of wealth and the power to control economic activity in large global corporations;
(iii) To disguise a massive bank and corporate bail-out;
(iv) To effect global, mandatory vaccination with chip technology, to effect total surveillance and testing of any and all citizens, including the Plaintiffs;
(v) To shift society, in all aspects into a virtual world at the control of these vaccine, pharmaceutical, technological, globalized oligarchs, whereby the Plaintiffs, and all others, cannot organize [or] congregate[; and]
(vi) To effectively immobilize resistance to the agenda by neutering Parliaments and the Courts, and by extension the Constitution and Constitutional Democracy and Sovereignty, in short to obtain “global governance”.

I believe we can agree that Action4Canada is definitely on the right track and that Rocco’s expertise in drafting the NOCC and the content within it, is of great concern to the defendants who do not want to see Rocco have his day in court. We have top expert witnesses and their testimonies and affidavits are signed and ready to go. We are prayerful that when we get our day in court, justice will be served. 

Obstacles, Overcoming Them and a Request

On February 7, 2024 Ted Kuntz from Vaccine Choice Canada joined Tanya Gaw, founder of Action4Canada, on the Empower Hour to provide a special investigative report that exposed individuals who claim to be part of the freedom movement but who have actually been working to get our lawyer disbarred, undermine our legal actions, and interfere with our financial support. One of the parties involved in these campaigns has reported ties to the World Economic Forum. Understandably, this has called into question their true motives, and raised concerns about whether they are secretly aligned with the government.

It has become apparent that the attacks against Rocco, A4C and VCC are all part of a deliberate, highly resourced and orchestrated smear campaign against individuals who have steadfastly sought to reveal the truth to Canadians. As more evidence of government corruption, negligence and conspiracy surfaces Canadians are looking for an explanation and people are demanding answers and accountability. The A4C and VCC cases are public documents that provide answers and explain the true motives and objectives of the COVID mandates, which in and of themselves are just a small piece of the bigger picture and a longer story. It is the bigger picture and story that the detractors don’t want Canadians to see or read.

In order to eliminate the A4C and VCC cases both the message and the messenger must be discredited and maligned so that people will:
1 – stop listening or reading the message;
2 – stop supporting the organizations; and
3- start attacking the messengers.

It is a classic diversion, to divide and conquer.

The A4C and VCC statement of claims are threats to government propaganda and lies. Both claims methodically set out, in the geo-political economic and historical context of the COVID-19 crimes and the breach of fundamental human rights and liberties, the real actors and objectives, as well as their pawns.

The government understands that A4C and VCC are a real force against the global agenda. This is why they attack the claims IN COURT on form and style rather than CONTENT. They fear that the claims will be proven in court using the evidence and so labelling them as a conspiracy theory and dismissing them would avoid this. This is also why they attack the plaintiffs as well as the lawyer, doubling down with attacks via social media and MSM, using lies and distortions in an effort to discredit A4C and VCC and attempting to destroy our support.

However, we have stood the test of time and our integrity and devotion to Canadians speaks for itself and we want to take this opportunity to thank you for standing with us, supporting us and believing in our mission to fight for faith, family and freedom. 

We also want to request that you continue to financially partner with us. We are so thankful to everyone who helped raise the original funds for this Constitutional challenge and we hope that this recent win in court provides encouragement and reflects our integrity and commitment to the legal challenges and representing all Canadians.

We would like to further inform you that Action4Canada is taking on additional legal challenges that are of equal importance and of public concern (eg SOGI 123, matters of national security). We will disclose the details as we are able, but we can assure you that in our preliminary work we have already achieved very positive results.

The reality is that the ongoing, critical work of Action4Canada requires significant financial support to run the organization as well as fund the additional legal actions. We do not get any government handouts and rely solely on our donors. Therefore, as Action4Canada continues to courageously defend Canadian’s rights and freedoms we urgently request that you partner with us and provide either a one time donation or become a monthly donor

If you are in need of prayer please reach out to our Prayer Team at [email protected] 

Remember: Freedom of speech, thought, belief and the right to life, liberty and security of the person are guaranteed. We do not need to beg, barter or ask for them…they are ours for the taking.

God bless you and God bless Canada!

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