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Dear Friends,
On August 29th, 2022 the Supreme Court of British Columbia ruled on the Defendants’ motion to strike the action brought by Action4Canada and the ten other Plaintiffs.
The Defendants had requested that the claim be DISMISSED without leave (permission) to amend it because they felt it was frivolous, an abuse of process, and demonstrated no cause of action.
The Court REJECTED the Defendants’ request to dismiss.
The Court however, taking issue with the “PROLIX” (lengthy nature) of the claim, struck it with leave (permission) to file an amended claim.
Thus, contrary to the select few and consistent naysayers, the Plaintiffs were successful on the claim not being dismissed in substance but only struck in form.
The Plaintiffs, through our lawyer Rocco Galati, intend to file an amended claim.
At the same time, the Plaintiffs will also likely appeal Judge Ross’ decision because it contains blatant errors of law with respect to what remedies can be sought of and granted by the Court, which go to the jurisdictional issues of the standing of the Plaintiffs and jurisdiction of the Court.
We should also not forget the positive outcomes we have had as a result of simply filing the Notice of Civil Claim in August of 2021… such as BC Ferries not mandating vax passes for passengers and easing off on the strict mask policies last year, and the BC Minister of Education not mandating the jab for school staff.
You won’t hear about this in the mainstream media and sadly, even from Independent media who claim to be on our side.
For some reason Canuck Law, The Western Standard and Castanet are consistently working to put the worst possible spin on the facts of A4C’s case and to disparage Rocco, Tanya Gaw and Action4Canada. It appears they are on a mission to create doubt and distrust in the public’s eye by providing twisted versions of the truth and claiming that Action4Canada lacks integrity and transparency. Nothing could be further from the truth.
Every year Action4Canada has faithfully filed its financials with the government as required.
It is also interesting that none of these “Independent” media outlets have ever reported on Action4Canada’s campaigns and tireless work in providing Canadians, at no charge, with resources that are effectively protecting their children, their jobs, their right to travel, their bodily autonomy and so much more.
Their style of reporting doesn’t serve anybody well and brings into question whose side they are really on.
I’ve always said that A4C’s legal action will be a marathon, not a sprint. Rocco and I are committed to the pursuit of justice, and are in it to win it!!
I stand on this unwavering commitment: the Action4Canada Team will continue to work tirelessly and selflessly on behalf of every Canadian in this unprecedented battle against the darkest forces of evil.
We ask in return for your continued prayers and support.
For further updates see our Legal Updates Page.
God bless you and God bless Canada!
Tanya Gaw,