Legal Action Commencing Against the BC Government in Response to the Extreme Covid Measures.

Action4Canada, Announcement:

Legal Action Commencing Against the BC Government in Response to the Extreme Covid Measures. 

September 17, 2020

On Saturday, September 13, 2020, Action4Canada and Vaccine Choice Canada together attended an event in Vancouver to announce the legal action against the BC government and the need to raise funds.

Shortly after Tanya Gaw began speaking and providing the details as to why legal action was needed, a gentleman approached her from behind and offered a handful of cash. This started a tsunami of giving and people just kept coming forward and contributing handfuls of money. It was an overwhelming act of generosity and a clear indication that people want justice and are desperate for someone to take action. Watch the video above as you do not want to miss this extraordinary moment.

Big shout out to Daniel for starting this wave of generosity. Thank you to Richard and Debbie for each giving a thousand dollars and then challenging others to do the same. Thank you to every single person who donated. Thank you also to the little girl who came up with a handful of $5 bills. It filled our hearts with joy.

Approximately 3000 people attended the rally and remarkably we raised $13,831.92 in cash and another $10,000 via Action4Canada’s donation page as of Sept.16th!! People are continuing to donate. We have created a “Legal Action” page on our website and will be uploading videos and updates to keep everyone up to date on what is transpiring.

Please watch the following interview for more in-depth information.


Liberty Talk: BC Legal Action

This legal action impacts all Canadians.

Let us explain… the BC government passed Bill 19 on July 8th without public input or consultation. Bill 19 gives sweeping power to the government and eliminates liability for any injury that may have resulted from the extreme lockdown measures. Bill 19 gives the BC Lieutenant Governor, a federally appointed individual, “almost unlimited power.” In doing so, they are sidestepping debate in the legislature and thereby removing the authority of MLAs to speak on behalf of their constituents. This is in direct violation of the provincial legislative powers.

Bill 19 is setting a dangerous precedent for all other provinces. Ontario Premier Doug Ford passed a similar Bill (195) shortly after BC did. There is concern that the Prime Minister may be circumventing provincially elected representatives by making covert deals with premiers. If so, Trudeau is now gaining the power he failed to obtain back in March 2020, one province at a time.

A constitutional challenge is the only way forward. However, a constitutional challenge is costly. Therefore, we are seeking your help.

To commence this legal action, Action4Canada has contacted a top constitutional lawyer. We have also united with Vaccine Choice Canada in order to have the greatest impact.

Vaccine Choice Canada commenced similar legal action on July 6, 2020 against the federal government, the Ontario provincial and municipal governments, as well as the CBC. Together, we are collaborating to send a clear message to all premiers and other leaders, that Canadians will not accept the “new normal.”

Through this Call to Action, we are requesting that the outpouring of generosity will continue and together we will raise the funds needed. Donated funds will be held in trust. Any funds gathered in excess of our goal will be donated to other similar constitutional challenges, such as Vaccine Choice Canada’s legal action.

Currently, there are two ways to give:

Either on-line

Or, if you prefer to pay by cheque, please mail your donation to the following address and make payable to:

Action4Canada Inc.
Box #453, 102 – 15910 Fraser Hwy,
Surrey, BC V4N 0X9

Thank you, and God Bless Canada!

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