Are you thinking about the cost of food or the quality of food you are receiving at your local grocery store? Are you concerned about the growing evidence that our food is being injected with vaccines (see below)? Are you thinking about getting a little dirt under your fingernails and growing your own garden, but just don’t know how to begin? Then we encourage you to read on and also register for the next Empower Hour to learn about the three P’s: Prepping; Planting; and Preserving.

It is critical that Canadians once again learn how to become self-sufficient by growing and gaining access to healthy food. We must be fully in control of what goes into our bodies. 

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Dan Vachon is Action4Canada’s very own Chapter Leader in Sydney, Nova Scotia as well as the Chapter Team Leader for the Maritimes and Co-leader of the Pastoral Support Team. Dan is a devoted to Action4Canada and is committed to sharing his knowledge and using his gifts and talents to help others. Dan will provide a presentation on gardening, container gardening, extending the growing season, whole foods as opposed to processed foods and much more. Learn more about our guest and share the Empower Hour invite HERE.

Meet A4C Prepper Dan

Prepper Dan is creating a step-by-step series on growing your own food, harvesting, prepping and more. In his first video Dan provides instructions on how to start heirloom seeds, a tour of his greenhouse, rabbit shed and chicken coop, and discussion on homemade manure tea. Whether you live in a condo or on a farm, you will benefit from Dan’s tips and information.

WARNING: mRNA Technology/Edible Vaccines
Beef, Pork, Chicken and Vegetables

This is an important interview to watch with Missouri attorney, Tom Renz, who is just a regular guy that decided to fight back against the corruption. He is pushing forth a very important bill, HB1169, introduced by Holly Jones, which requires the labeling of products that can alter your genes. It also asserts that fully informed consent must be given for all vaccines, gene therapies and medical interventions, and requires companies share info on transmissibility of gene altering interventions. The Bill does not ban anything, rather it demands transparency so that consumers can make an informed choice.

The pushback against HB-1169 is shocking but not surprising as it has the power to put a stop to gene therapies in food from advancing not only throughout the entire US but possibly, the world!

At this point no States are requiring disclosure or informed consent for foods that act as gene therapies. Big Pharma is working with the bio-engineers that create the GMOs that make up a majority of our food supply, to ensure this is everywhere. Bill Gates has been pushing this for some time. Big pharma DOES NOT WANT people to know they are going to use food to alter our genes.

Are you aware that in 2018 Merck introduced customizable mRNA-based vaccines and that pork producers have been using them on their herds for the past 5 years? On April 1, 2023 the lobbyists for the cattleman associations in several States confirmed they WILL also be using mRNA vaccines on cows. Missouri HB-1169 is reported as the only chance to prevent this.

HB-1169 has the potential to not only destroy Big Ag, but it would also decimate any covert attempts by Big Pharma to use the food supply as a tool to distribute vaccines unbeknownst to consumers. In the meantime, it is recommend to avoid all pork products, including organic ones, as they not only have high levels of the omega-6 fat, linoleic acid, because of the grains they are fed, but virtually all have been contaminated with the mRNA vaccines for the past five years. 

Eat Your Vaccines! … I Mean Your Vegetables!

 Read Tom Renz’s informative substack article

“Let me begin by putting to rest any questions as to whether this can happen. The idea of vaccines in food has been around for a long time & is definitely possible”. 

Google Search: “food as a vaccine” Sunday April 2, 2023 

As in human mRNA treatments, Merck claims that the RNA can’t replicate itself and only lasts a short time in animals’ bodies. They also say that animals do not shed any RNA particles. There is no mention about fruits and vegetables. Given the wide range of findings in humans after mRNA treatments, the public has reason to be very concerned. A recent report revealed that data on miRNA transfer from food into the human body are inconclusive.

Watch this video: WEF Insider Admits Gates is ‘Force Jabbing’ Humanity with mRNA in Food

As soon as it became clear that a significant percentage of the population was going to refuse to be coerced into being vaccinated, the elite began working on cunning alternative schemes to force their jabs on us.

I don’t know about you but I have no interest in being a human guinea pig for the next 10-20 years, which is the normal time it takes to obtain accurate data outcomes for a vaccine, pharmaceutical, gene therapy or any product that contains mRNA-altering technology.

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