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Dan Vachon is Action4Canada’s very own Chapter Leader in Sydney, Nova Scotia as well as the Chapter Team Leader for the Maritimes and Co-leader of the Pastoral Support Team. Dan is a devoted leader serving with Action4Canada and is committed to sharing his knowledge and using his gifts and talents to help others. Dan will provide a presentation on gardening, container gardening, extending the growing season, whole foods as opposed to processed foods and much more. 

Dan was born in Val d’Or, Quebec in an evangelist, missionary family. His father was a pastor. Dan lived in Montreal and after he got married in 1987, he then in 1989, moved to Nova Scotia where he raised his family of nine children. Dan pastored in both Southern Ontario and Nova Scotia for 14 years and he was also a paramedic for over 29 years. In addition to all that Dan undertook missionary work in the Caribbean and Romania, soon after the collapse of Communism.

Having discovered a love for nature and the outdoors, he purchased a 36 acre farm and began raising chickens, rabbits, dairy goats and pigs. He and his family also put in gardens and learned how to can and preserve. In 1998 Dan purchased a 200 acre farm and increased his livestock herd to 450 animals to include Jersey cows, turkeys, ducks, geese and pheasants. With his children, the family made their own butter and cheese, preserved and canned hundreds of vegetables, and put away hundreds of pounds of root vegetables. 

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Meet A4C Prepper Dan

Prepper Dan is creating a step by step series on growing your own food, harvesting, prepping and more. In his first video Dan provides instructions on how to start a vegetable garden, starting with planting heirloom seeds and including everything from making your own greenhouse to feeding your plants homemade manure tea. Whether you live in a condo or on a farm, you will benefit from Dan’s tips and information.

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