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If you, or someone you know, is a first responder, in law enforcement, or frontline worker, then please sign and send the following Notice to your Premier and Health Officer, and advise them that you will no longer comply with Orders that are unlawful, irrational, causing serious harm, and in violation of the Constitution and Charter Rights. Printable PDF

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Canadian Doctors and Frontline Workers Speak Out!

January 21, 2021  Open Letter to Premier Doug Ford from 13 doctors regarding the devastating effects of lockdowns. Ontario is in lockdown phase and lockdowns are rolling out across the country. The following letter was written in support of Ontario MPP, Roman Baber’s, letter that resulted in him being thrown out of caucus. Please share this letter with anyone or network that you think might be interested.  PDF Link

“Research clearly shows that lockdowns have not reduced COVID hospitalizations, ICU admissions or deaths in North America or Europe1. In fact, lockdowns have increased life-years lost by 1000%, using a conservative calculation2,3. Imprisoning the young to protect the frail elderly was never a part of any country’s original pandemic plan.”

Law Enforcement

Police are rising up and speaking out.

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