Notice of Liability Follow Through: Laying Criminal Charges

Does 94% of 6,200 = 94% of 45,000?

According to Teri Mooring, President of the BC Teachers Federation (BCTF)…it does.

 As the School Trustee campaign ramps up in BC and one School Board after another votes against the unlawful mandate to forcibly jab teachers, the government and the union’s deceptive tactics have no limits. They use doublespeak and fraudulently manipulate the numbers to try to control the narrative.

First they claim that based on a BCTF survey that nearly all of the province’s 45,000 teachers are fully vaccinated and that 94% have had two needles. They then claim that 82% of teachers supported a province-wide mandate. However, only 6,200 teachers actually completed the union’s survey where these statistics were pulled from, so in reality it’s only 5,828 that have taken the jab. 82% of 5828 is 4779 who would then support the province wide mandate. And depending how they posed the question, is that number even reliable?

To interpolate that up to 94% of all teachers are vaxxed is a gross exaggeration, as this type of survey is always going to be biased towards the vaccinated as those who aren’t jabbed are much less likely to complete it in the first place. In the end, only ten percent of teachers support forced vaccination. The majority rules!

It is vital to think critically when reading any mainstream news article or receiving ANY statistics from the government or unions.

One thing we do agree on is that “schools are NOT a source of transmission.”