Town Councillor Ousted and Life Threatened for Not Getting Vaxxed!

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Town Councillor Grant Abbott joins Tanya on the Empower Hour to discuss some of the unspoken hazards of Covid-19, such as mass formation. This is the true virus that has infected Canadian society, creating a mob mentality and influencing citizens to embrace radically conflicting and irrational points of view, resulting in unprecedented division and inhumane treatment.

Mr. Abbott experienced this first hand in his roll as a town councillor in the small town of Musgrave Harbour, Newfoundland when the mayor and fellow councillors reportedly objected to him not taking the experimental Covid jab. This resulted in persistent backlash against Mr Abbott, to the point that his own community turned against him and culminated in a bullet being shot through his front room window whilst his wife and three children were sleeping.

Mr. Abbott is moving forward with legal action to hold those who fueled this crime, to account. Many elected officials and municipal employees across Canada have been subjected to discrimination due to being un-vaxxed. People need to take a stand to put an end to it. 


In November of 2021 Mr. Grant Abbott was elected as a councillor in the Town of Musgrave Harbour, Newfoundland, with 49.16% of the eligible votes. In December 2021, the town mandated that all councillors must receive all required doses of the Covid-19 injection by January 1st 2022. Mr. Abbott declined the injection for not only reasons of personal-autonomy but also after researching the injection and discovering it was experimental and reported to cause severe adverse effects, including death.

As a result of Mr. Abbott’s objection to the experimental injections, the mayor and other town council members arbitrarily and illegally decreed that Mr. Abbott could no longer attend public town meetings in person and forced him to attend online. Mr. Abbott faithfully attended the meetings online, but the mayor and town council refused to allow him to participate in any discussions even though the technology allowed that.

After three months of this, all the while referring to Mr. Abbott as Councillor Abbott, and reading submitted correspondence from Mr. Abbott, the mayor and council accused Mr. Abbott of not participating in meetings, and construed a constructive dismissal against him to vacate his seat for failure of attendance.

The mayor and council have reportedly pressured Mr. Abbott to abdicate his role as a councillor in order to call a bi-election to replace him. The mayor and council do not have the authority to remove Mr. Abbott from his elected position by creating rules to prohibit participation. 

Mr. Abbott is refusing to comply and is contesting this decision through an appeal with the Supreme Court of Canada.

Mr. Abbott has retained the help of legal council to pursue action against the mayor and council in order to maintain his rightful position as a town councillor. Donate HERE

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Email the Mayor and Town Council and demand they fully re-instate Mr. Abbott to his lawful and rightful position to represent the constituents who elected him. Further, insist that the mayor and council step down for violating the conduct of municipal officials, promoting hate and being morally and ethically corrupt.

Mayor and Council contact info:

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Mayor James Steele
Deputy Mayor Jason Chaulk


Claudine Mouland
Bobby Pinsent

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