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Dr. William Makis, a Canadian physician with expertise in Radiology, Oncology and Immunology, joined Tanya Gaw to discuss the alarming corruption within the Alberta and BC Health Care systems that goes beyond the known COVID-19 medical apartheid and brutal treatment of physicians, and address the alleged cover-up of child sexual abuse at the highest levels. Dr. Makis will provide an investigative report exposing provincial and healthcare leaders in both BC and Alberta, who reportedly attempted to cover up and protect one of their own, Dr. Albert de Villiers, who was convicted, sentenced and imprisoned for sexually assaulting multiple children.

Alberta Health Services (AHS) is the biggest healthcare provider in Canada with 105,000 employees and a $23 billion/year budget. The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta (CPSA) is a private corporation who does not answer to the provincial government. However, together the AHS and CPSA have been ruling with an iron fist and working to destroy the reputation of any doctor who dares to speak out on critical and controversial issues that involves the well-being of their patients. 

Dr. Makis has quite a story to tell from his time as a Nuclear Medicine Radiologist at Cross Cancer Institute including exposing government corruption; his response to COVID-19 mandates and warning of the deadly harms of the mRNA gene therapy (especially in his field of expertise and attempting to understand the new turbo cancers); the reported collusion of healthcare officials covering up child sexual predation within the system; and his most recent announcement that he will be filing criminal charges against AHS, CPSA and others who have been involved in extortion and ongoing threats against him and his family. Follow Dr. Makis on Twitter or Substack.

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It is extremely concerning to learn how pervasive child sexual grooming and trafficking operations are throughout all levels of government, including what should be trusted institutions such as the education and healthcare systems.

The true global pandemic is a highly sophisticated and powerful, insidious disease called pedophilia that is rooted in the demonic and often includes satanic rituals and extreme sexual abuse of children.

It is critical that parents and caregivers be aware of this and take every precaution to protect their children by questioning and observing everyone who has access to their kids. Also, they should do their best to remove their children from the government funded education system and homeschool instead. Review Action4Canada’s Homeschooling Revolution page for help on how to get started.

Further steps parents/caregivers can take to protect children:

  • Prioritize spending time with your children and grandchildren.
  • Build and maintain healthy relationships with your children/grandchildren. Spend quality time together and check in often.
  • Talk to children early and often about healthy relationships and healthy, age appropriate sexual development.
  • Be vigilant about online safety.
  • Educate yourself about grooming and how to identify the signs (view these videos to learn more).

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