Facts About Covid-19 - Death Rates, Masks and Lockdowns

 Facts About Covid-19

Death Rates, Masks and Lockdowns

September 11, 2020

A simple experiment that should go a long way in our understanding of…
Why Masks Don’t Work – Dr. Ted Noel

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Is wearing a mask a badge of honour or a symbol of wilful oppression?

Does the science support wearing a mask?  Based on the top studies, the answer is…NO!

Is wearing a mask harmful to the healthy? Yes.  Blaylock: Face Masks Pose Serious Risks

“This can vary from headaches, to increased airway resistance, carbon dioxide accumulation, to hypoxia, all the way to serious life-threatening complications.”

BC’s health advisor, Dr. Bonnie Henry testified in a 2015 case saying, “there’s very scant evidence about the value of masks in preventing the transmission of influenza.” Henry goes on to say that there is no data to support wearing masks and, “When we look at individual strains circulating and what’s happening, I think we need it to be consistent with the fact that there was nothing that gave us support that providing a mask to everybody all the time was going to give us any additional benefit over putting in place the other measures that we have for the policy.” 

Bonnie Henry further states that there is no real science behind the decisions she is making. View here

Children and youth have nearly a zero % chance of being infected by Covid-19. So why is the government going to such draconian measures to mask, plexi glass and isolate them?


Review the following in depth report on Covid 19. It answers important questions. It goes over the death rates in Sweden, Italy, the UK, the patterns in the USA, and more.

During the 2020 influenza season, there were 9,102 reported Covid deaths in Canada. In a population of 38 million this equals .02%. Compare this to the 2018 regular influenza deaths of 8,511. Per Statistics Canada, annually, cancer kills nearly 80,000 Canadians, 53,000 due to heart disease, 13,000 cerebrovascular disease (stroke), 13,000 to respiratory disease, 13,000 to unintentional injuries, 7,000 deaths due to diabetes, and so on.

The 9,102 deaths due to covid 19, does not take into account the thousands of Canadians who died because they were not provided life saving surgeries and treatments. Nor does it include the tragic increase in deaths by suicide. It also does not include the predicted increase in cancer deaths due to 30-40% of symptamtic people neglecting to visit their doctor and undergo screening, over fears of getting Covid.

On August 28th the CDC revealed that of the 167,558 US Covid deaths, only 6% (10,053) were actually directly related to Covid. 94% of the deaths were in cases with pre-existing conditions. This news affects the entire public.” The Blaze

Anthony Fauci and the WHO have both said that asymptomatic people are “NOT” the drivers of outbreaks and do “NOT” spread the virus. 

What will it take for Canadians to realize that Covid 19 is not a pandemic? It is a treatable virus, that is going untreated, in order to instill paralyzing fear.

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Rallies are taking place across the nation in opposition to the extreme lockdown measures and draconian policies robbing Canadians of their — Inalienable God given — Freedoms and Rights.

Please visit Action4Canada’s Rally Page and get plugged in to a peaceful protest near you. The page offers links to Weekly Rallies as well as Special Events.

On September 13th there will be a large Freedom Rally in Vancouver, BC at the Vancouver Art Gallery from 12 – 5:00 pm.  Click here for details

Please bring your Canadian flag, signs, and your beautiful smile!

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