Business Interactions

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Business Interactions

Serving the Notice of Liabilities to Elected Officials

Tanya Gaw, Langley Costco March 2021, Holding Manager to account for violating Orders & Charter Rights

Tanya was denied service at the White Spot @ 400-2330 Highway 97, West Kelowna on June 19, 2021, for not wearing a mask. Even though the BC Health Order stated clearly that exemptions were to be honoured, RCMP Sergeant Dixon violated the Orders and sided with the White Spot management.

Complaints will be forthcoming against both the Sergeant and White Spot.

There is NO order in Canada that supersedes the Constitution or the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Tanya had great success as she took a stand for her rights and patiently educated the staff and the owner. In the end the owner was grateful to receive the information. Tanya purchased her items and left on good terms.

The A4C Business Campaign was developed to help advise business owners of their rights and their duties.

Business Resource Materials: Postcard, letter and poster.

Videos of the Business Campaign in Action