Action4Canada Chapter Leaders and volunteers Overturning Orders in New Brunswick

Action4Canada Overturning Orders in New Brunswick

New Brunswick Press Release
December 17, 2021

Option for stores selling groceries to ask for proof of vaccination REMOVED!

An option allowing stores that sell groceries to ask patrons 12 and over for proof of vaccination, instead of implementing distancing requirements, has been removed from the province’s mandatory order.

The Story Behind the Press Release

Pastor Ken and Bonnie Gilliard have been Action4Canada’s New Brunswick Chapter Leaders since February of 2021. Pastor Ken and Bonnie have been working around the clock to unite citizens and educate them on their guaranteed rights, and train them in how to effectively hold the NB government to account. Pastor Ken and Bonnie have been involved in coordinating the delivery of the business campaign materials to business owners to advise them of their rights and duties, as well as serving elected officials including School Trustees and Superintendents, the Notices of liability and they have also been part of organizing large rallies.

Message from Pastor Ken explaining A4C’s response to the NB government’s decision to implement a VPASS for Food Order.
December 17, 2021 

The NB government made a HUGE MISTAKE in their decision to allow grocery stores to implement a VPASS for Food – and quite frankly WE COULD NOT LET THIS HAPPEN! If this could happen to us, it would spread like a virus across our Nation! We must always condemn such draconian measures and it must never be allowed in society under any circumstances.

In response, the A4C Fredericton Chapter led a POTS and PANS Rally against the announcement by Health Minister Dorothy Shepherd at the Fredericton Legislature on Dec 10, 2021. This led to the MLAs, appointed officials and Premier Higgs being escorted out through the noise and crowd. It was loud and disruptive! An announcement shortly after this event was made that the MLAs would no longer be meeting in person, only virtually.

The following day the New Brunswick Chapter joined with other groups and had a convoy roll in from NS headed up by Patty Every Misner. Joining forces with another province made this the biggest Rally to date, shutting down the streets with thousands of people in Moncton! A warning was given that if VPASS was implemented by any grocery store they would feel the full force of the people economically!

I next became aware that the Fredericton Boyce Farmers Market, owned by the province and run by the city (two-tiered government), implemented a NO VPASS NO FOOD policy! There were vendors who were not happy as their customers were denied entry because of their medical status and they had no power to reverse the unlawful policy. It is criminal to withhold food from the public. In fact, it is considered an act of war on the citizens.

We immediately took our training from Action4Canad’s founder Tanya Gaw, and collaborated with Hon. Brian Peckford, and several other freedom groups and quickly launched a resistance Rally to the VPASS, Operation Boyce! Citizens and convoys organized to come to our rescue from all areas of NB, Nova Scotia and other provinces! When the government implements tyrannical laws and mandates, civil disobedience becomes a must!

Because of the shear size of the crowds, and the heightened emotions of citizens (due to being overwhelmed by the government’s tyrannical orders), we felt it was important to implement safety and peaceful rally protocols. We made it clear — No invoking violence, no swearing at people, name calling, throwing things, pushing or physical altercation of any kind. Ultimately we must treat others with human respect! We also had the cooperation of the Fredericton city police to manage traffic and keep people safe. We stressed this was to be a peaceful demonstration — we also called on all the vendors to join us in solidarity.

We had planned to surround the Market and we were prepared to enter the Fredericton Boyce Market by lining up at the door as customers. We instructed everyone to capture serving the person denying entry the A4C Notice of Liability, Business Owners Violating Citizen’s Rights, and then peacefully walk away and join the rally.

But ALL our plans and pre-planning came to a halt when the directors of the Market, who were monitoring what we were doing and obviously concerned about liability, reversed their unlawful decision the day before! And the Government, Health Minister, Dorothy Shepherd removed the option for grocery stores to be able to ask for a VPASS!!!!


Thank you Tanya Gaw and Action4Canada for your training and support as Chapter Leaders here in NB! We could NOT have done it without you!

God keep our land Glorious and Free!


Pastor Ken and Bonnie Gilliard

Fredericton Chapter Leader @

Thank you to all the Action4Canada leaders and volunteers who are committing their time and energy to support the A4C campaigns! Because of it thousands of lives and jobs are being saved!

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