Stay tuned…there will be another Youth speaker program in 2024

The key to the future of Canada is our youth and so we must make it a top priority to invest in them. Action4Canada is hosting this five week training course to empower youth and help them become strong future leaders.

This Level 2 course will include persuasive strategies that youth can use in order to be influencers in the community they live in. These strategies will include impromptu speaking techniques and debates, using powerful tools such as problem-solution, pros and cons, cause and effect, compare and contrast, to name a few. It will also include various methods of providing feedback and how to be an effective listener.

At the end of each program the youth submit a speech. We are so pleased to share speeches from previous sessions with you HERE

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Date: 2024
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This video features a montage of the speeches given by the youths who participated in the 2022 Youth Leadership & Speaker Program – they have something important to say!

Watch previous speeches from our first Youth Leadership & Speaker Program hereYouth Freedom Movement resources are found here


About Glynis D’souza

The Action4Canada Youth Leadership and Speaker Program will be taught by Glynis D’souza.

Glynis D’souza is the CEO of Glynis D’souza Personal Development. She is a Distinguished Toastmaster and has served in several leadership positions at Toastmasters International. She has conducted several Youth Leadership Programs for churches, schools, hospital volunteers and the air cadets, teaching them how to speak and lead effectively. She became a Certified Maxwell Leadership Team Speaker Trainer and Coach in February 2017 and obtained her Parenting and Family Guide Certification in June 2022. In October 2018 and 2022, she stood for public service as Public School Board Trustee in the municipal elections in Ontario.

Learn more about Glynis here.

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